bible final 1

  1. five main objectives of the book of proverbs
    • to know god
    • to know the word of god
    • to smooth out the ruff edges of life
    • to know gods principles
    • to know gods purpose for life
  2. name two major benefits of understanding proverbs
    • personal growth
    • helmsmanship
  3. six keys to understanding proverbs
    • have to know you need wisdom
    • have to hear(listen)
    • gather
    • dig
    • pray
    • see christ
  4. what did the original hebrew word for proverb mean
  5. define the word proverb
    a short sentence expressing in a few words a well know truth
  6. proverbs 1:9
    what wisdom is (definition)
  7. number of chapters
    thirty one
  8. number of proverbs
    nine hundred
  9. king lemuel
    author of proverbs
  10. proverbs 10-31
    a practice of wisdom
  11. agur
    author of proverbs
  12. the child of god has only one desire-to please himself- t/f
  13. the purpose of a huminist organization is to help people become more human by developing a proper fear of god
  14. the child of god has only one dread- of offending god
  15. the american civil liberties union is fighting to protect our god givn freedoms of religious expression
  16. the fear of the lord is based on an understanding of the human condition
  17. five benefits of wisdom
    • protection
    • make our paths straight
    • someone to watch over us
    • long life
    • crown of glory
  18. man is the measure
    secular humanism
  19. outward material wealth is not a sign of true succes in life
    biblical wisdom
  20. the solutions of lifes problems are found in the bible
    biblical wisdom
  21. education will solve mans problems
    secular humanism
  22. focusing on god and submitting to his work lead to success
    biblical wisdom
  23. fench humanist
  24. christian creation scientist
    henry moris
  25. wrote the origin of species
    charles darwin
  26. first promised the humanist ideal
  27. roman catholic apologist
    thomas aquinas
  28. said man is the measure of all things
  29. applied humanism to education
    john dewey
  30. five key teachings of christianity
    • god
    • creation
    • moral ethics
    • servants of christ
    • compassionate world view
  31. five key teachings of humanism
    • atheism
    • evolution
    • amorality
    • autonomous man
    • socialistic one workd view
  32. wisdom in proverbs 8:22
    jesus christ
  33. gnosis
    greek for knowledge
  34. humanism
    man is the measure
  35. saints
    christs delights
  36. epignosis
    greek for fullnes of knowledge
  37. face to face, toward
    greek meaning of with in john 1;1
  38. gnosticism
    jesus christ is neither man nor god
  39. philosophy
    love of wisdom or knowledge
  40. what beings did gnostics woship
  41. what was the bassis of the philosophy of gnosticism
    mans reasoning powers and traditions
  42. where is the only place true wisdom can be obtained
  43. in him is all ____ and ____
    wisdom and knowledge
  44. he is all the ____ of the godhead
  45. he makes us ______
  46. wisdom musted be based on _______
  47. to be useful, correct information must be______
    followed or obeyed
  48. the spiders venom
    mans sin
  49. the fly caughtin th eweb
    sinner in hell
  50. the spider in the palace
    sinnr approaching throne of god through christ
  51. weakness and security
  52. unity and cooperation
  53. forethought and preparation
  54. boldness in prayer
  55. what is the hebrew word for bull headed fool
  56. what is the hebrew word for peig headed fool
  57. weak minded
    bullheaded fool
  58. determined
    bullheaded fool
  59. lazy
    pig headed
  60. hot headed
    bullheaded fool
  61. mentally fat
    pig headed
  62. cpmfident and cocky
    bull headed
  63. returns to his vomit
    pig headed
  64. complacent and careless
    pig headed
  65. the first four commandments deal with mans realationship to _
  66. the last six deal wiht
  67. what is the fifth commandment
    honor your father and mother
  68. tjat promises is connected with the fifth commandment
    that ur life will fo well and it will be long
  69. what happens to compannions of fools
    the enter disaster and are destroyed
  70. three resources that pig headed fools wastes
    • time
    • opportunities
    • instuition
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