5-15 Ton Tractors and 25/40 Foot Trailers

  1. When is the semi-tractor with the 25/40-foot trailer together used to transport munitions assets?
    When the use of smaller cargo trucks proves to be inadequate.
  2. What makes tractors and trailers valuable resources?
    The ability to move large amounts of munitions stockpile in a short amount of time.
  3. The AF uses tractor ranging from ____ ton through ____ ton.
    • 5
    • 15
  4. Tractors can have what types of engines?
    • Gasoline
    • Diesel
  5. Tractor can have what types of transmissions?
    • Standard
    • Automatic
  6. Tractors have what type of axles?
    • Dual
    • Tripple
  7. What type of brakes do tractors and trailers use?
    • Tractors: Service and Parking
    • Trailers: Johnson Bar
  8. What type of brakes are service brakes?
    Air or air-over-hydraulic
  9. What are service brakes used for?
    To stop the tractor during operation.
  10. What is the required operating pressure for tractors?
    ~ 90psi
  11. What hand brake is located on the right side of the steering column?
    The Johnson Bar
  12. What type of brake is the Johnson Bar?
  13. Which brakes does the Johnson Bar apply pressure to?
    The trailer only
  14. What is the Johnson Bar used for?
    Testing the brakes on the trailer and ensuring good working order.
  15. When should the Johnson Bar not be used?
    While the tractor and trailer are in full motion.
  16. What system is the parking brake used?
    The same air system as the service brake.
  17. Where is the 5th wheel located?
    On the rear of the tractor
  18. What is the 5th wheel used for?
    To connect the tractor to the trailer.
  19. What is a round metal disk, with a cut out notch and a hole in the middle?
    5th wheel
  20. What type of axles can trailers come in?
    • Dual
    • Tripple
  21. What positions can the trailer decks operate?
    • Flat bed
    • Van
  22. What do the terms "25-foot flatbed trailer" and "40-foot flatbed trailer" refer to?
    Actual length of usable loading space.
  23. What is the goose-neck not used for?
    Loading purposes
  24. The width of the loading space is ~____feet.
  25. What do wooden railer set transport?
    Loose bombs
  26. What do specialized metal roller rail sets move?
    Palletized assets for loading and unloading aircraft cargo
  27. What do you check to ensure you do not exceed trailer weight limits?
    Vehicle data plate
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