Cargo Truck Characteristics

  1. Cargo trucks deliver what?
  2. Cargo trucks can range from simple ____ ton - ____ ton pickup types, to ____ ton flatbeds, to ____ ton heavy duty, ____-axle, and ____-wheel drives.
    • .25
    • 1
    • 1.5
    • 2.5
    • dual
    • 4
  3. What's a cargo truck's main mission?
    To haul munitions, equipment, and personnel to and from work areas.
  4. What are used to stop the vehicle during operations?
    Service brakes
  5. What type of brakes do the .25 ton and 1.5 ton cargo trucks have?
    Standard automotive-style hydraulic brakes
  6. What type of brakes do the 1.5 tone and 2.5 ton cargo trucks have?
    air, or air-over-hydraulic brakes
  7. What in the dashboard instrument cluster shows the pressure within the brake system?
    Air pressure gauge
  8. The brakes cannot be released until the pressure reaches a minimum operating pressure of what?
    Approximately 60psi
  9. What are parking brakes used for?
    To keep a vehicle from moving while it is shut down or sitting unattended.
  10. What type of parking brake will the .25 ton to 1 ton cargo trucks use?
    Foot activated
  11. What type of parking brake may the 2.5 ton and 2.5 ton cargo trucks use that may be incorporated into itself?
    An air brake system
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