Mus3115 Final Exam

  1. Patrick Gilmore died in
    St. Louis
  2. Gilmore composed using the pseudonym
    Louis Lambert
  3. Complete scales became possible on brass instruments through the development of
    keys similar to those on woodwind instruments
  4. The most important bandleader in the United States before Sousa was
    Patrick Gilmore
  5. The Saxhorn family of instruments and the Saxaphone family of instruments are the same thing
  6. Sousa became the director of
    The Marine Band
  7. The Sousaphone is
    A bass tuba built to Sousa's specifications
  8. Sousa dedicated this march to the Highty Tighties
    Hands across the Sea
  9. 1876 to 1926 is called
    • the Golden age of the band in america
    • or
    • the Golden age of the march
  10. Arthur Pryor was a ________ with the Sousa Band
  11. The director of the new sousa band is
  12. which of the following composers is a graduate of VT?
    J. Scott McKenzie
  13. The Boston Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1881 by
    Henry Lee Higginson
  14. Many portraits of famous bostonians were painted by
  15. the current conductor of the BSO is
    James Levine
  16. Theodore Thomas was the founder of the
    chicago symphony
  17. this conductor raised the playing standards of american orchestras
    Theodore Thomas
  18. Isabella stweart Gardner was a great patroness of the arts. In addition to her support of music in Boston, she also created and art museum with her personal collection. This museum, The Gardner Museum, was originally called
    Fenway Court
  19. All these artists (Vermeer, Rembrandt, Manet, Degas, Flinck) have this in common
    their work was stolen from the Garner Museum
  20. Appointed Music Instructor at Harvard in 1862
    John Knowles Paine
  21. Director of the new wngland conservatory from 1897 to 1931
    george chadwick
  22. teacher of charles ives
    horatio parker
  23. the most preeminent woman composer at the turn of the century (19th to 20th)
    amy marcy cheney
  24. composer of symphonic sketches
  25. which contry held cultural power over american music life at the end of the 19th century?
  26. this composer has been called french american
    charles martin loeffler
  27. the unusual instrument called for in Leoffler's "La mort de Tintagiles" is the
    viola d'amore
  28. henry f. gilbert's "Dance in Place Congo" takes its title from
    Congo Square in New Orleans
  29. what is a Flivver?
    a model T Ford
  30. Krazy Kat is a
    Ballet and a cartoon by george harriman
  31. diaghilev is/was
    impresario of the ballets russe
  32. engelbert humperdinck composed
    hansel and gretel
  33. who wrote "In Xanadu did Kubla Kahn a stately pleasure done decree"?
    Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  34. the american opera company and the national conservatory of music were both gounded by
    jeannette thurber
  35. the director of the national conservatory of music was
    antonin dvorak
  36. dvorak's symphony no. 9 in E Minor, Op. 95, "From the New World", is based on American Fold Music
    True, but no folk songs were used
  37. who wrote the words to the second movement of dvorak's New World Symphony, Going Home?
    William Arms Fisher
  38. Harry Thacker Burleigh is best known for his
    arrangements of Spirituals
  39. the first person to sing a recital consisting entirely of Spirituals was
    paul robeson
  40. the first person to use a phonograph to record native american music was
    j. walter Fewkes
  41. who proposed to publish american compositions including ragtime, Negro songs, Indian songs, Cowboy songs, and other new and daring expressions?
    Arthur Farwell
  42. the publishing company founded by arthur farwell in 1901 was called
    the wa wan press
  43. the first black composer to be extensively published was
    william grant still
  44. william grant still first heard an orchestra at
  45. the style period of literature and art inNYC during the 1920s and 1930s is called
    the harlem renaissance
  46. william grant still wroked as an arranger for
    paul whiteman
  47. the first symphony by a black american composer to be performed by a major american orchestra was
    william grant still's Afro-American symphony
  48. scott joplin's Treemonisha is
    an opera
  49. the musical structure of Joplin's maple leaf rag is
    AABBA (trio) CCDD
  50. this composer thought of musical textures in terms of color
    duke ellington
  51. best known as a jazz musician, this composer was working on an opera, Queenie Pie, during his last hours.
    Duke Ellington
  52. Charles Ives' teacher at Yale was
    Horatio Parker
  53. The champion of ive's music was
    henry cowell
  54. pianist John Kirkpatrick performed Ives' __________ at Town Hall in 1939. This performance brought Ives' music to the attention of the public
    the "Concord" sonata
  55. charles ives recieved the pulitzer prize for
    The Third Symphony
  56. who said "Don't pay too much attention to the sounds for if you do, you may miss the music."
    George Ives
  57. what american composer studied with Nadia Boulanger at the american conservatory in france from 1921 to 1924?
    Aaron Copland
  58. who was once described as the dean of modern american composers?
    aaron copland
  59. who managed to capture the essence of america in his music?
    aaron copland
  60. Virgil Thomson called him "the President of...American Music"
    Aaron Copland
  61. George Gershwin was a longtime student of Nadia Boulanier
  62. the orchestrator of "Rhapsody in Blue" was
    Ferde Grofe
  63. Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" was premiered by
    Paul Whiteman and his orchestra
  64. Gershwin only composed "popular" music
    false: he was a true musician who composed in many styles
  65. Gershwin's "Porgy and Bess" is best described as an/a
    Opera and a Broadway Show
  66. The composer of the "Jazz Symphony" was
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