1. Abstinence
    You refrain from any type of sexual activity/intercourse.
  2. Rhythm
    You refrain from intercourse during your fertal time (ovulation/period)
  3. Birth-Control Pill
    A hormone pill you take daily & prevents ovulation (which is the release of an egg)
  4. Nuva Ring
    A small rubber ring that's inserted into the vagina & releases hormones to prevent ovulation
  5. Depro Provera
    A hormone injection given every 3 months that prevents ovulation (less room for air)
  6. Condum
    A thin rubber sheath that covers the penis
  7. Diaphragm
    A rubber dome over the cervix that prevents sperm from entering the uterus
  8. Sponge
    A dense foam sponge that absorbs the semen & kills sperm
  9. IUD (Intra Uterine Device)
    A shaped device that goes into the uterus & blocks the fallopian tubes [Embryo starts developing (put in by doctor) & causes irritation in uterus]
  10. Tubal ligation
    The cutting & tying of the fallopian tubes so there's no egg and sperm contact
  11. Vasectomy
    The cutting & tying of the vas deference (or the sperm with no semen for male)
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