Govt Unit 7 Test

  1. The major reserved powers of the states are the powers to...
    tax, spend and regulate intrastate commerce.
  2. According to historians, the length and mass of detail of many state constitutions reflects a(n)...
    reaction to governmental abuses between the end of the Civil War and early 1900s.
  3. Many governors have the power of the line item veto, which they use on legislation dealing with...
  4. Referendum, initiative and recall all represent forms of...
    directs democracy.
  5. The procedure enabling voters to remove an elected official from office before his/her term expires is...
  6. The form of municipal govt that elects members to function as the legislative branch while hiring an administrator is the...
    council-manager plan.
  7. The form of municipal govt that most closely resembles the nat'l govt structure is the...
    mayor-council plan.
  8. The biggest category of expenditure for local govts is...
  9. The most important tax at the state level of govt is...
    general sales tax.
  10. What treaty set the final boundaries of Arizona?
    The Gadsden Purchase
  11. Jan Brewer
    Governor of Arizona
  12. Jon Kyl
    US Senator
  13. Phil Gordon
    Mayor of Phoenix
  14. Janet Napolitano
    Cabinet Secretary
  15. Tom Boone
    Arizona State Representative
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Govt Unit 7 Test
Govt Unit 7 Test