Govt Test Unit 1

  1. There are a variety of different types of govt, which can be classified according to which person or group of people controls society through the govt. True or False
  2. A form of govt in which every aspect of political, social, and economic life is controlled by the govt is called a(n)...
    totalitarian regime.
  3. A core value in the American governmental system is...
    equality of every individual before the law.
  4. In a democratic republic, the people hold the ultimate power over the govt through the election process. True or False
  5. To ensure that majority rule does not become oppressive, modern democracies...
    provide guarantees of minority rights.
  6. The US Constitution...
    sets forth the fundamental structure of the govt and the limits to its power.
  7. Pluralist theory believes that decisions are made in American politics by...
    various groups working towards compromise.
  8. The most fundamental weakness of the Articles of Confederation was the inability of the Congress to raise money for the militia. True or False
  9. Delegates to the Constitutional Convention were...
    wealthy, educated men.
  10. The Anti-Federalists believed that the central govt should be strengthened over the states, because the states were apt to abuse personal liberties. True or False
  11. Shay's rebellion demonstrated that the central govt...
    could not protect the citizenry from armed rebellion.
  12. The Great Compromise...
    broke the deadlock between large and small states over the nature of representation in the new nat'l govt.
  13. Which of the following was NOT mentioned in the Constitution?
    English is the nat'l language of the US.
  14. Which of the following is a way to officially amend the Constitution?
    A two-thirds vote of Congress.
  15. The heart of checks-and-balances in the US govt is...
    the veto power of the Pres.
  16. Marbury v. Madison was a landmark case because it ruled on the issue of...
    judicial review.
  17. Powers derived from the fact that the US is a sovereign power among nations are referred to as...
    inherent powers.
  18. The case of McCulloch v. Maryland set a precedent for a narrow interpretation of the implied powers of Congress. True or False
  19. Because of the supremacy clause the states cannot...
    use their reserved or concurrent powers to thwart nat'l policies.
  20. The idea that the US govt can make new laws is referred to as...
    the elastic or necessary and proper clause.
  21. Grants to state and local govts designed for very specific programs and projects are referred to as...
    categorical grants.
  22. Which court case dramatically expanded the interpretation of the commerce clause?
    Gibbons v. Ogden
  23. Define the liberal and conservative political viewpoints. Use the idea of governmental control in economic and social areas.
    Liberal is the left wing and they want more social freedom and stricter control of economic freedom.

    Conservatives are the right wing and they have a more traditional view where there is more economic freedom and more control of social freedom.
  24. Match each power with its level: federal, state, or concurrent.
    1) coining money
    2) collecting taxed
    3) public education
    4) waging war
    • 1) federal
    • 2) concurrent
    • 3) state
    • 4) federal
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Govt Test Unit 1
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