Final Exam Ch 10

  1. French and Ravens 5 bases of power
    • Expert Power
    • Referent Power
    • Reward power
    • Legitimative Power
    • Coercive Power
  2. Webers Three Types of Leaders
    • Traditional
    • legal
    • Charasmatic
  3. Chester Barnard 3 Functions of The Executive
    • To provide a system of comunication
    • To promote the securing of essential efforts
    • To formulate and defines the purposes and goals of an organazation
  4. Trait Theories
    • An approach to leadership that assumes leaders possess traits that make them fundamentally different from followers
    • Born to be a leader
  5. Transformational Leadership
    • Leadership that strives to change organizational culture and directions
    • It reflects the ability of the leader to develop its vision and maintain the organization
  6. Transactional Approaches
    Any means of analysing leadership style that focuses on how leaders interact and how they treat those they seek to lead
  7. Lewin, Lippitt, and White
    Transactional leader classification
    • Authoritarian leader
    • Democratic Leaders
    • Laissez-faire leader
    • -Orientation
  8. Contingency Theories 4 Components
    • The type, structure, size and prupose of the organization
    • The external environment in which the organization functions
    • The orientation, values, goals, and expectations of the leaders, his superiors, and subordinates
    • The expert of professional knowledge required of the position
  9. Contingenxy Theories
    • An approach to leadership asserting that leadership styles will very in their effects in different situations
    • Depends on situation
  10. Leadership Problems Micromanagement Over-Management
    • leadership problems:
    • -micromanagement is when the boss is on top of you all the time
    • -Over management- multiple managements on top of you all the time
  11. Moral Leadership
    Leading people in specific directions of action and thought based on morals and decency
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