Govt Test Unit 4

  1. General agreement among the citizenry on an issue is called...
  2. When public opinion is polarized between 2 quite different positions, it is said to be...
  3. Family influences political socialization by...
    communication of values.
  4. All of the following affect political socialization EXCEPT...
    computer use.
  5. Political events like the Vietnam War tend to produce what are called...
    generational effects.
  6. An example of the gender gap is...
    "soccer moms" voting for Bill Clinton.
  7. The most common determining factor when people vote for a presidential candidate is...
    the candidate's political party identification.
  8. The most important principle in creating a valid poll is...
  9. A poll that gives info as well as gets info is a...
    push poll.
  10. Political trust in the US has...
    increased since the low point during the Vietnam War.
  11. According to polls, the most trusted institution in the US is...
    the military.
  12. Although people do not have much confidence in govt institutions, polls show that they...
    expect the federal govt to solve major problems.
  13. Which of the following statements about public opinion polls is correct?
    Public opinion polls indirectly affect policy change.
  14. The importance of timing an opinion poll was demonstrated in...
    newspaper headlines saying "Dewey defeats Truman" in 1948.
  15. Well-defined public opinion tends to restrain govt officials from taking unpopular actions. True or False
  16. People tend to have a positive view of Congress as a whole and a negative opinion of their own Representatives and Senators. True or False
  17. A random public opinion poll involves going door to door in the major cities in the US. True or False
  18. The internet has not been utilized for public opinion polls because of limited accessibility. True or False
  19. Which of the following statements is NOT true about attitudes towards gay marriage?
    People in the South are the most accepting of gay marriages.
  20. The widest gap between those favoring and those opposing gay marriage occurs in...
    respondents from rural areas.
  21. Identify and define the factors that contribute to a valid public opinion poll.
    • -You want to make sure that you have a larger sample size to make sure it is random and fair.
    • -Make the questions more than just yes and no to get a better idea of how they feel on a certain topic.
    • -Make the questions unbiased so you're not swaying their answer in anyway.
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