Govt Unit 4B Test

  1. The 2 groups of people in govt who may call themselves bureaucrats are...
    political appointees and civil servants.
  2. The major requirements imposed by the "Govt in the Sunshine Act" is that...
    all federal agencies conduct their business regularly in public session.
  3. Sunset legislation refers to...
    the idea of automatic program termination after a prescribed period unless Congress reauthorizes it.
  4. The political appointees who head the various federal agencies...
    have less power than the civil servants because of greater turnover.
  5. Issue networks are...
    a more complex concept than "iron triangles" that illustrates how experts support issues on a particularly policy position.
  6. The ultimate check that Congress has over the bureaucracy is the ability to...
    withhold the appropriation of money to the bureaucracy.
  7. A Supreme Court that demonstrates a willingness to change public policy and alter judicial precedent is said to be engaging in...
    judicial activism.
  8. A writ of certiorari from the Supreme Court indicates that the Court...
    will review a lower court decision.
  9. All of the following are specifically mentioned in the Constitution EXCEPT...
    judicial review.
  10. Which of the following statements about federal courts is correct?
    The District Court hear trial cases while the Courts of Appeals and the Supreme Court review judicial process.
  11. Which of the following sources contributes most to the workload of the Supreme Court?
    Cases from its appellate jurisdiction.
  12. Appellate jurisdiction means the authority of a court to...
    review decision from a lower court.
  13. A justice writes a concurring opinion when he/she...
    wants to highlight a different reason for the decision.
  14. Dissenting opinions in a Supreme Court decision are important because...
    they often form the basis for arguments that reverse decisions and establish new precedent.
  15. Which of the following is the Latin term for "let the decision stand", the principle of precedent in the judicial system?
    Stare decisis.
  16. Which of the following is not true for Supreme Court justices?
    They can only serve as long as the president does.
  17. Describe the impact of a "swing vote" on the Supreme Court.
    On the Supreme Court panel there are 9 justices. It's an odd number so that means one party will always have an extra person so that the majority is in their favor. If their is a "swing" voter, in our case Kennedy, then the number of Democrat and Republican justices are split in half and the "swing" voter usually decides a tie because he is not for either party but votes for both on different issues.
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Govt Unit 4B Test
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