history 101

  1. O.J Simpson Trial
    • who: nfl player O.J simpson
    • what : was accused for the death of his wife and friend
    • where: us
    • when: 1996
    • significance: the polls after this showed that the us was truly polarized.
  2. the service sector
    • what - the increase in service based industries
    • when- after the 1990
    • where - us
    • who- walmart
    • why- there would be a increase in employment in companies like walmart
  3. welfare reform
  4. able archer exercise
    • where- western europe
    • WHO- by the soviet union
    • what - was a 10 day simulation of conflict escalation
    • when 1983
    • why- to show the tension between the United States and western eruope
  5. perestroika
    • what - reform of the oppressive soviet union,
    • who- by gorbachev
    • where- soviet union
    • when- late 1980s
    • why- to help create peace between the us and europr
    • significance showed garbachevs willingness to work with the us to bring peace, and was one of the major reasons for the fall of the soviet union.
  6. the sinatra doctrine
    • who- gorbachev
    • what- a doctrine that gave countries like poland freedom to govern themselves
    • when- late 1980's
    • where-europe
    • why- to further bring peace
    • significance- was one of the final straws that brought down the soviet union
  7. economic recovery act
    • who- ronald reagan
    • when- 1981
    • why- because he believed in order to bring economic reform it had to begin with the rich
    • where- us
    • what- was a reform that would cut tax 25% over a three year period , was geared towards the rich

    was a part of his belief of lower taxes.
  8. the cosby show
    • was a show surrouonding a successful black family
    • that
  9. the oil crisis
    • where - the us
    • when- 1970
    • why- because the u.s increased demand on oil,but lack of supply lead to the demand of foreign oil, and oil prices sky rocketed
    • what- a increase in oil prices, and shortage of oil
  10. the hostages
    • who- irannian people
    • what- a bunch of revolutionaires after over throwing their govt, took over the american embassy, and took 66 americans hostage
    • when- 1960
    • why- because there leader was pro us but his people hated him. this showed the bad relationship between the us and iran at the time, who was a major oil exporter.
  11. proposition 13
    • what- was a proposition created to slash property taxes by 55 percent.
    • when-1978
    • who- howard jarvis
    • why- because he felt that tax dollars were being wasted.

    further fueled the belief that the govt was un trust worthy.
  12. southern strategy
    • what-was a strategy by republicans to win over southern states by apealling to white racist in the south
    • who- nixxon
    • when- 1968
    • why- to win the election
  13. watergate
    • what-highers 4 guys to break into the democratic headquarters and they fail twince and left evidence the third time
    • who - nixxon
    • why- to find out info from there
  14. betty friedan
    • what - sparked feminism in america amongst american house waves. created the book the feminim mystique
    • when- 1970
    • why- because she felt that women were tight classed and were being oppressed.
  15. young american for freedom
    movement of young people that were about there freedom and against the govt.
  16. golf of tonking resolution
    • what- was passed to give johnson more power over the military.
    • when- 1964
    • who - johnson
  17. tet offensive
    the nlf took the us by attack on their new year. and were able to take the embacy by storm.
  18. war on poverty
    • who- linden b johnson
    • what - tries to combat poverty by funding the states with money to start programs to fight poverty. created the cap program. programs that gave the poor jobs to fight poverty.
    • when - 1964
  19. civil rights act
    • what- a act that said that no person could be disccriminated against because of race, religion or sex, and further created the a committee to enforece this
    • when - 1964
    • who- king , and pres johnson
    • why- to further bring blacks to becoming equal in society
  20. medicare
    • was a health insurance program to give health insureance to both the elderly and to the pooor (aid).
    • by johnson
  21. massive resitance
    what- the south does several things to combat the civil rights that were granted to blacks , by electing racist politicians, violence closing public schools,
  22. birmingham campaign
    • what- was a campaing WERE black youth were attacked by dogs and hit with water canons in order to stop protesting
    • who- king
    • why- to gain civil rights
    • where- birmingham
  23. central highschool
    • highschool where black students were first allowed to attend after to being tested
    • 8 black kids
  24. joe mcarthy
    • joseph mcarthy
    • writes a speech that scares the us citizens to of the threat of communist
    • lead to the red scare
  25. nuetrality act
    a series of acts to prevent the us from going into war.
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