Lesson 12

  1. austere
    • adjective- severe or stern in personality or appearance; somber and grave
    • adjective- bare, without adornment
  2. avarice
    noun- greed, or an extreme desire for wealth
  3. florid
    • adjective- flushed with rosy color
    • adjective- very ornate; flowery
  4. insatiable
    adjective- not capable of being fully satisfied
  5. inundate
    • verb- to flood or cover over with water
    • verb- to overwhelm as if with a flood
  6. myriad
    • adjective- referring to a large but undetermined number
    • adjective- made up of many diverse elements or facets
    • noun- a huge number
  7. parsimony
    noun- displaying extreme stinginess or cheapness
  8. prodigal
    • adjective- carelessly or wastefully extravagant; lavish
    • adjective- giving or given in abundance
  9. replete
    adjective- plentiful supplied; abounding
  10. voluminous
    • adjective- having great fullness, size, or number
    • adjective- ample or lengthy in speech or writing
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