lesson 11

  1. audacious
    • adjective- fearlessly daring, bold
    • adjective- not held back by what others consider acceptable; showing willingness to offend others
  2. contumacy
    noun- a scornful resistance to authority; a stubborn rebelliousness
  3. dour
    • adjective- marked by sternness, harshness, ill temper, or gloom
    • adjective- sternly unyielding or stubborn
  4. ├ęclat
    noun- brilliance in performance and achievement; dazzling display
  5. indefatigable
    adjective- tireless, incapable of wearing out or becoming fatigued
  6. irresolute
    adjective- undecided or uncertain about what to do; wavering
  7. obdurate
    • adjective- hard headed; stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing
    • adjective- not giving in to persuasion
  8. obsequious
    adjective- excessively eager to serve, obey, or win the favor of another; fawning
  9. pertinacity
    noun the quality of holding firmly or stubbornly to a purpose, an intention or belief; stubbornness
  10. stoic
    • adjective- seemingly indifferent to or unaffected by joy, grief, pleasure, or pain; determined not to complain or show feeling
    • noun- a person who is seemingly indifferent or unaffected by joy, grief, pleasure, or pain
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