1. Honesto
    decent, decorous, modest
  2. Honrado
  3. humano
    human in sense of human being; also, humane in the sense of compassionate
  4. ignorar
    to be unaware
  5. no prestar atenci�n o no hacer caso
    to deliberately not pay attention to
  6. ilustrado
    to have illustrations in the sense of pictures; also learned or enlightened
  7. imponerse
    to assert oneself, to be authoritative
  8. molestar=
    to bother or cause a problem
  9. impresionante
    stronger than Eng. "impresive"; means shocking, startling, alarming
  10. inedito=
    unpublished; also, unheard of, novel, innovative, unprecedented
  11. inquietud=
    uneasiness; also, intellectual curiosity or doubt
  12. integral=
    integral in the mathematical sense; comprehensive
  13. intervenir=
    interfere; also, to operate surgically
  14. intoxicado=
    intoxicated, but means a medical or physical reaction to a poison or bad food
  15. ebrio/ borracho/ drogado=
    intoxicated in the alcoholic sense
  16. introducir=
    to present or insert an idea or object
  17. presentar=
    to present a person to another
  18. invertir=
    to turn upside down; also, to invest money or capital
  19. jornada=
    day's work; short seminar or workshop
  20. viaje=
  21. labor=
    manual, physical, or factory work; also, mental or intellectual work
  22. labor (Eng)=
    translated to trabajo, i.e. Ministerio de Trabajo
  23. lectura=
  24. conferencia/ ponencia=
  25. local=
    local in the sense of being close by; also, store premise
  26. localizar=
    to make local
  27. situar/ ubicar=
    to locate or find
  28. lujuria=
    lust, lewdness, physical excess, voluptuousness
  29. lujo=
  30. mandatorio=
    governor or political head
  31. obligatorio=
  32. maneras=
    way of doing something
  33. modales=
    good habits or manners
  34. manifestaci�n=
    demonstration, esp. political
  35. expresi�n=
  36. matrimonio=
    married couple
  37. Mediterraneo=
    the Mediterranean Sea; also, landlocked
  38. miseria=
  39. dolor/ sufrimiento=
  40. modalidad=
    modality in a diplomatic sense; for other means use: method, way, means, approach
  41. molestar=
    to bother
  42. abusar sexualmente/ violar=
    sexually abuse
  43. moroso=
    default, as on a loan
  44. malhumorado/ hosco=
    in bad humor
  45. motivo=
    motive as in ground or cause for something
  46. m�vil=
    motive as in reason for a crime
  47. nativo=
    adj. as in "native language"
  48. natural=
    noun "native" as in a native of Mexico
  49. negociar=
    negotiate in a diplomatic sense, but in general means to discuss or talk over
  50. nombramiento=
    naming a person to fill an appt
  51. proponer como candidato=
    nominating someone
  52. noticia=
  53. aviso=
  54. notorio=
    well-known, famous in a neutral or positive way
  55. de mala fama=
    well-known for negative reasons
  56. ocasion=
    occasion in the sense of opportunity; also, sale or bargain
  57. suceso/ acontecimiento=
  58. ocurrencia=
    witticism or clever saying
  59. oficial=
    adj. "official"; noun military officer
  60. funcionario=
  61. oficio=
    occupation or job, usually manual
  62. oficina=
  63. oficioso=
    diligent, responsible
  64. entremetido=
  65. ordinario=
    everyday, common; vulgar
  66. organico=
    organic in the chemical sense
  67. ley org�nica=
    constitution of a country
  68. papel=
    writing paper, stationary
  69. paralyzar=
    paralyze; also freeze or suspend
  70. parientes=
  71. padres=
  72. participar=
    to be involved in something; also, to share something like news or an invitation
  73. particular=
  74. exigente=
  75. perfeccionar=
    to make perfect; also, to improve or increase one's professional qualifications or training
  76. personero=
    spokesperson, mouthpiece
  77. perspectiva=
    perspective in drawing and architecture; also viewpoint; prospects for the future
  78. petulancia=
    insolence, vanity
  79. plantear=
    to raise an issue, pose a problem, theorize, postulate
  80. politica=
    politics or policy in a political sense
  81. p�liza de seguros=
    policy in the insurance sense
  82. populacion=
    the act of populating an empty region
  83. poblacion=
  84. posicion=
    generally refers to physical position
  85. punto de vista=
    viewpoint or argument
  86. precioso=
    of great value; beautiful
  87. preciso=
    exact; neccesary
  88. presumir=
    to boast or brag
  89. suponer=
    to suppose
  90. pretender=
    to attempt or try
  91. simular o fingir=
    to assume an identity falsely
  92. privado=
  93. procurar=
    to obtain; to attempt or try
  94. promocion=
    a sale in the store or the promotion of a new product; also a class in a school
  95. ascenso=
    promotion in sense of advancement
  96. propaganda=
    political or ideological propaganda; also advertising
  97. quitar=
    to remove
  98. radicar=
    to live or settle somewhere
  99. razonado=
  100. realizar=
    to accomplish or achieve something
  101. recordar=
    to remember
  102. refrigerio=
    snack or light meal
  103. nevera=
  104. refundido=
    consolidated or redrafted
  105. devolver=
  106. regalar=
    to give a present
  107. regular=
    periodic and normal; also, average
  108. relacion=
  109. relevante=
  110. pertinente=
  111. remarcar=
    to mark again
  112. remover=
  113. resistir=
    resist as in temptation
  114. resorte=
    metallic spring of a vehicle or coil
  115. reunion=
  116. reencuentro=
    coming together after a long time
  117. rico=
    in terms of wealth
  118. salario=
    wages (servants, laborers)
  119. sueldo=
    white collar wages
  120. salvaje=
  121. salvamento=
    to recover a wrecked ship
  122. sancionar=
    to apply a penalty or condemn
  123. sanidad=
  124. sano=
  125. seguridad=
    security in sense of safety
  126. sensible=
  127. razonable=
  128. sentencia=
    jail sentence
  129. frase=
    gramatical sentence
  130. serio=
    serious; also, reliable
  131. simpatico=
    pleasant, nice
  132. compasivo=
  133. solicitud=
    solicitude; application form
  134. surbio=
    suburb; slum
  135. suceso=
  136. exito=
  137. sutil=
    implies more craftiness than in English
  138. sujeto=
    same as Eng, but has negative implications
  139. terminos=
    terms an in words
  140. condiciones=
  141. tipo=
    type as in pattern, classification or model; also colloquial "guy"
  142. tutor=
    private teacher; guardian
  143. ultimo=
    final or last
  144. definitivo=
  145. urbano=
    urban (city)
  146. sofisticado=
  147. utilidades=
    profits of a business
  148. servicios publicos=
    house utilities
  149. vago=
    vague as in imprecise; also lazy
  150. voto=
    to vote as a political act; also promise or vow
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