Lesson 10

  1. atrophy
    • verb- to waste away; to wither or deteriorate
    • noun- wasting away or deterioration, often due to disease, injury, or lack of use
  2. debilitate
    verb- to sap the strength or energy of; to weaken
  3. livid
    • adjective- discolored, as in a bruise; black-and-blue
    • adjective- pale or ashen
    • adjective- furious with anger
  4. moribund
    • adjective- about to die
    • adjective- on the verge of becoming obsolete or outdated
  5. noxious
    • adjective- poisonous or harmful to living things; injurious to health
    • adjective- corruption; harmful to the mind or morals
  6. pestilence
    noun- fatal epidemic disease; anything regarded as harmful or dangerous
  7. prostrate
    • verb- to reduce to extreme weakness; to overcome
    • verb- to lie flat or at full length
    • adjective- reduced to extreme weakness; overcame
    • adjective- lying flat, face down, at full length
  8. salubrious
    adjective- conducive or favorable to health or well-being
  9. scourge
    • noun- a cause of great harm, affliction, or devastation
    • verb- to afflict with severe suffering; to ravage
  10. unscathed
    adjective- not harmed; uninjured
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