CMT Week 1 Questionnaire

  1. What do Media produce?
    Media produce meanings.
  2. What is semiotics?
    It is the study of how meanings are socially produced.
  3. How does semiotics use the term sign?
    Semiotics uses the term sign to describe the ways meanings are socially produced.
  4. What is a sign?
    A sign is a recognizable combination of a signifier and a signified.
  5. What is a signifier?
    A signifier is aphysical representation of something. (It could be a sound or a word).
  6. Give an example of a signifier
    The word ROSE is a signifier.
  7. What is a signified?
    A signified is an imagined representation of something.
  8. Give an example of a signified
    The idea of a rose is a signified.
  9. What is a referent?
    A referent is a physical object to which a sign system refers.
  10. Give an example of a referent
    The actual rose itself is a referent.
  11. What are the characteristics of a sign?
    • It has a physical form.
    • It refers to something other than themselves
    • It shapes our perception of reality
  12. How our perception of reality is constructed and shaped?
    Our perception of reality is constructed and shaped by the words and signs we use, especially through categories and distinctions.
  13. Give an example of a sign, which is perceived
    differently according to the culture
    The Inuits perceive the snow differently and have a large number of words for it.
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