CMT Week 2 Questionnaire

  1. What does significance mean?
    The significanceis the message meant to be sent to the audience.
  2. What is structuralism?
    It is the “study of cultural construction oridentification of meaning according to the relations of signs that constitutethe meaning-spectrum of the culture.” (Gérard Genette)
  3. How do we understand meanings?
    We understand meanings inside systematic structures and associate them in a relation to the structure the sign belongs to.
  4. Give an example of structuralism
    We could associate Mohawk hairstyle to rock music.
  5. Who was Claude Lévi-Strauss?
    He was a French structuralist anthropologist, who focused attention on binary oppositions.
  6. Who was Ferdinand de Saussure?
    He was a French linguist, who was one of the first people to get interested in how languages construct oppositions.
  7. What is a binary opposition?
    A binary opposition is aconcept, which identifies a contrasting pair of opposites.
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CMT Week 2 Questionnaire