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  1. When drawing blood from a horse which is the most appropriate needle size
    18 gauge 1 1/2
  2. When holding a horse for an examination on which side should you stand
    the same side as the vet
  3. Why is it important to note the drug used on a cbc or blood chemistry data
    It changes the blood glucose levels
  4. The name of the vein used in our birds found coursing over the medial aspect of the elbow is the
    cutaneous ulnar
    The anticoagulant of choice for our bird lab was EDTA
  6. What structure do you want to avoid hitting when you are performing a venipuncture on the left side of the horses neck
    the esophagus
  7. The normal absolute white cell count range on a horse would be expected to be approximately
  8. The expected normal body temperature range of the chicken would be
    105-107 degree
  9. TRUE/FALSE: we needed to always be concerned about only hypothermia developing in out chickens while they are sedated with ketamin
  10. TRUE/FALSE: when assessing lymph nodes in the horse the ones that are the most easily palable are the pre-scapulars
  11. what is the name of the lymphoid tissue in the bird and where is it found
    • bursa of fabricius
    • in the cloaca
  12. When we used hematocrit tubes in the chicken lab why did we not use the hepranized tubes
    we hepranized the needles and using hepranized tubes would make too much heprin in the blood
  13. When would a vet use scotch hobbles?
    A kicking mare for breeding season
  14. Why would the difference Rompuns strengths when sedating animals like cattle
    if we make a calculation using the 20mg/mL we dont want to use the 100mg/mL and vice versa
  15. While on xylazine what effect on the horses heart would you expect this drug to have? And what effect on the skin would it have?
    Bradycardia and sweating
  16. which drug can cause paraphimosis and therefore should be used with caution in the stallion?
  17. TRUE/FALSE: The manufacturers recommended reversal for dexdomitor is antisedan
  18. What is the name of the teeth found in males and rarely found in females
  19. TRUE/FALSE: when sedating the horse for a short surgical procedure it is important to give ketamine before giving the xylazine
  20. Apneustic breathing would be seen with
  21. we would place a helmet on the horses head during field induction to prevent damage to what structure
    the facial nerve
  22. TRUE/FALSE: When horses teeth are filed by the vet the correct term for this is floating teeth
  23. Routine sheath cleaning is most commonly done with what animal
  24. which drug would be responsible for causing an increase in urine production in an animal immediately following recovery
  25. explain cowboy suturing when placing an iv catheter in the horse
    catheter, tape, suture line, 16 gauge needle

    Without exposing the catheter to much place tap back to back on the nub (Sticky side to sticky side) Once inside the vein take the needle and puncture through both the tale and the skin. Thread the suture line through the hub first. Remove the needle and tie.
  26. What is the direction for wrapping standard leg wrap
    start cranial/dorsal. Lateral to medial
  27. What is the purpose of wrapping the standard wrap in such a fashion?
    to protect the tendons from strain
  28. What is the name of the instrument that you sometimes use that helps you to better visualize the epiglottis and glottic cleft.
  29. what is the monitoring device you can use that will allow you to assess the heart and even the respiration during an anesthetic procedure
    esophageal stethoscope
  30. What letter in the alphabet best represents the size of the small oxygen tank that we can put on an anesthesia machine?
  31. what are the two individual drugs that you have used in the dog that are the comparable combination to telazol
  32. What does the pulse oximeter measure in the animal
    heart rate and oxygen saturation in hemoglobin
  33. what is the blood pressure monitor called that only gives one reading
    doppler blood pressure machine
  34. When the dynamap gives you a diastolic reading what is specifically happening in the heart?
    Left ventricle is relaxing
  35. When the dynamap gives you a systolic reading what is specifically happening in the heart?
    Left ventricle is contracting
  36. What pain mediation is given to the cat that gives 8 plus hours of pain management?
  37. In cats where are you supposed to give a FeLV vaccine
    The left rear leg as distal as possible
  38. In cats where are you to give the rabies vaccine
    The right rear leg as distal as possible
  39. TRUE/FALSE: one of the vaccines that is given to cats at CMC routinely as part of the check-in procedure is the intranasal vaccine for FIP
  40. Where is the Felocell CVR-C given in cats
    between the shoulder blades
  41. TRUE/FALSE: one advantage of using telazol instead of ket/val to induce a dog is that induction can happen with the use of a much decreased overall amount of volume of anesthetic drug
  42. TRUE/FALSE: when drawing for a blood sample from a rat your first choice of vein should be the cephalic vein
  43. Why do you think ketamine is now a controlled drug?
    Humans can not use and abuse it
  44. What special cautions must you take with controlled drugs
    Lock it up, log it correctly in the dea log and dispose of it correcty
  45. Name two other species that ketamine can be used on
    Dogs and Cats
  46. What can happen in an animal that inadvertently receives the IM dose intraenously
    Serious overdose and death
  47. Why should one think about taking special care when working around the hind legs of a horse under the effects of Xylazine
    because they put all their weight on the front
  48. Which drug should not be used on an animal that is undergoing testing for blood glucose levels and why
    • Xylazine
    • reduces insulin secretion and transient hyperglycemia
  49. What drug causes profound bradycardia and what drug causes tachycardia
    • Bradycardia=xylazine
    • tachycardia=Acepromazine
  50. How do you know that the effect of the rompun is beginning to wear off in your horses.
    More alert and less ataxic
  51. What category is medetomodine and rompun in?
    Alpha 2 agonists
  52. what is the reversal agent of rompun
  53. What effects do you expect to see in an animal with xylazine or medetomidine
    bradycardia sweating respiratory effects vomiting reduction of insulin secretion
  54. What is TKX
  55. What is another use for butorphanol
    reversing or opiod drugs or antitussive
  56. do you think it could be challenging to pass an endotracheal tube in a pig and why
    yes, limit of visibility and can't really open the mouth. The tongue is in the way.
  57. why is it important to give rompun first before ketamine
    Seizure control
  58. Do we need to place ointment in the horses eyes?
    No they blink on their own
  59. What is apneustic breathing?
    Breathing normally and then not breathing.
  60. what structure is important to avoid hitting with your needle n the cranial left quadrant of the abdomen when giving an IP injection
  61. Where is a good location for giving an IM injection to a rabbit
  62. What is the trade name for medetomidine?
  63. What is the trade name for detomidine
  64. What does a capnograph measure
    CO2 exhaled
  65. How long can an indwelling catheter remain in a dog or cat
    48-72 hours
  66. what is the difference between an indwelling catheter and a jugular catheter
    • Indwelling=needle is over the catheter
    • jugular=needle is through the catheter
  67. Why is it important to consider post-procedural analgesia needs before antisedan is given.
    antisedan is the reversal and not only wakes them up but also takes away the pain
  68. Why is it important to fast the dog or cat before each surgery
    aspiration pneumonia
  69. How do you convert Centigrade to fahrenhiet
  70. Why is it important to run hepranized saline through the tubing of a catheter
    get rid of bubbles and to keep it from clotting
  71. Why is it important to know exactly where you gave an injection
    in case an abscess occurs or an allergic reaction you know which one caused it
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