1. Estar de Moda
    to be fashionable
  2. Estar en el pellejo de otro
    To be in someone else's shoes.
  3. Estar en las nubes
    to be in the clouds; daydreaming
  4. Estar en vigor
    To be in effect (as in a treaty)
  5. Estar en v�speras de
    On the eve of
  6. Estar muy metido en
    To be deeply involved in
  7. Estar para
    To be about to
  8. Estar quebrado
    To be broke
  9. Fiesta quincea�era
    Coming out party for a young woman (age 15)
  10. Formar parte de
    To be a part of
  11. Fuera de s�
    out of sorts
  12. Fuerte como un roble
    as strong as an ox
  13. Fulano de Tal
    So-and-so; John Doe
  14. Funci�n corrida
    All-day program; repeated showings (of a movie)
  15. Ganarse la vida
    To earn a living
  16. Hacer alarde de
    To brag
  17. hacer escala en
    To make a stop at
  18. hacer hincapi� en
    to emphasize
  19. hacerse la vista gorda
    to wink at; to pretend not to see
  20. hacer puente
    a 3 day weekend. to take friday or monday off to make a 4 day weekend
  21. hacerse ilusiones
    to dream; build castles in Spain
  22. hay moros en la costa
    The coast is not clear; there is something going on; be careful
  23. hecho a medida
    made to order
  24. incorporarse a
    to join (a group)
  25. ir a medias
    to split; go fifty-fifty
  26. ir al grano
    to get to the point
  27. La esperanza es lo �ltimo que se pierde
    Hope springs eternal.
  28. La experiencia es madre de la ciencia
    Experience is the best teacher.
  29. La mujer y el vidrio siempre est�n en peligro
    Glasses and lasses are brittle ware.
  30. La necesidad hace maestro
    Neccesity is the mother of invention.
  31. Levantar la mesa
    to clear the table
  32. llevar a cabo
    to carry out
  33. llevarse bien con
    to get along well with
  34. lo de menos
    That's the least of it
  35. Los ni�os y los borrachos siempre dicen la verdad
    Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings. In vino veritas.
  36. Manos a la obra
    Let's get to work
  37. matar dos p�jaros de un tiro
    Kill two birds with one stone.
  38. M�s bien
  39. m�s vale p�jaro en mano que cien volando
    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
  40. m�s vale prevenir que lamentar
    an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
  41. m�s vale tarde que nunca
    better late than never
  42. media naranja
    better half; spouse
  43. mojado hasta los huesos
    drenched to the skin
  44. mucho ojo
    watch out
  45. negarse a
    to refuse to
  46. ni a tiros
    not for anything
  47. ni mucho menos
    far from it
  48. no cabe duda
    there is no doubt
  49. no darse por entendido
    to pretend not to understand
  50. no dejar piedra por mover
    to leave no stone unturned
  51. no es oro todo lo que reluce
    all that glitters is not gold
  52. no es tan fiero el le�n como lo pintan
    his bark is worse than his bite
  53. no hay de qu�
    don't mention it
  54. no hay mal que por bien no venga
    every cloud has a silver lining
  55. no me importa un comino
    I don't give a damn
  56. No me importa un pito
    I could care less
  57. No se gan� Zamora en una hora
    Rome wasn't built in a day
  58. no tener remedio
    to be beyond help
  59. no vale un comino
    not worth anything
  60. obra empezada medio acabada
    the hardest part is the beginning
  61. obra en poder de
    in the hands of
  62. padre mercader hijo caballero nieto limosnero
    shirtsleeves to shirtsleevesin three generations
  63. pagar a plazos
    payment on the installment plan
  64. pagar en la misma moneda to get even
  65. palabra
    word of honor
  66. para colmo de males
    the last straw
  67. parece mentira
    it seems impossible
  68. pares y nones
    odds and evens
  69. pasado de moda
    out of style
  70. pedir prestado
    to borrow
  71. perro que ladra no muerde
    a barking dog doesn't bite
  72. plan de estudios
  73. poderoso caballero es don dinero
    money talks
  74. poner el grito en el cielo
    to raise hell
  75. poner en claro
    to clear up
  76. poner en marcha
    to put into motion
  77. poner la iglesia en manos de Lutero
    to let the fox guard the chickens
  78. poner la mesa
    to set the table
  79. ponerse colorado
    to blush
  80. ponerse de acuerdo
    to come to an agreement
  81. por adelantado
    in advance; beforehand
  82. por casualidad
    by chance
  83. por las buenas o por las malas
    by hook or by crook
  84. prometer el oro y el moro
    to promise the moon
  85. quedar bien con
    to make a hit with
  86. quien adelanta no mira atr�s
    he who hesitates is lost
  87. quien fue a Sevilla perdi� su silla
    finders keepers
  88. quien siembra vientos recoge tempestades
    he who sows the wind reaps the whirlwind
  89. reir de dientes afuera
    half-hearted laugh; laughing on the outside
  90. rendir cuentas a
    to render an accounting to
  91. resistirse a
    to be unwilling to
  92. saber a
    taste of
  93. saber al dedillo
    to know in great detail; have it down cold.
  94. sacar en limpio
    to come up with a final version; to know fully
  95. salirse con la suya
    to have one's way; to get away with it
  96. sal�n de actos
  97. saltar a la vista
    to be obvious
  98. seg�n el caso
    according to the situation; it all depends
  99. seg�n mi entender
    as I understand it
  100. sentir en el alma
    to feel deeply
  101. ser aficionado a
    to be fond of; a fan of
  102. serle a uno indiferente
    to be immaterial to one
  103. sin fin de
    numberless; infinite
  104. sin novedad
    nothing new
  105. sin ton ni son
  106. sudar la gota gorda
    to have a hard time; sweat it out
  107. tener antipat�a
    to dislike
  108. tener fama de
    to have the reputation of
  109. tener la palabra
    to have the floor to speak
  110. tener presente
    to keep in mind
  111. tocante a
  112. tocar en lo vivo
    to cut to the quick
  113. tocarle a uno
    to be one's turn
  114. tomar cuerpo
    to take shape
  115. tomarse el trabajo de
    to take the trouble to
  116. trabar amistad
    to strike up a friendship
  117. trato hecho
    it's a deal
  118. tropezar con
    to stumble across; to run into
  119. un no s� qu�
    a certain air; a certain something
  120. Una golondrina no hace el verano.
    A swallow does not a summer make.
  121. Valer la pena
    to be worthwhile
  122. velar por
    to watch out for; to care for
  123. ver es creer.
    seeing is believing
  124. y pico
    and a little bit
  125. Zapatero a tus zapatos
    Mind your own business. Shoemaker
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