CMT Week 3 Questionnaire

  1. What does denotation mean?
    It is the literal or primary meaning of a word.
  2. What does connotation mean ?
    It is a cultural or emotional association implied by a word in addition to its primary meaning.
  3. What does the word ‘home’ denote and connote ?
    • The primary meaning of ‘home’ is an accomodation or a place where we live.
    • But by connocation, also implies comfort, security, family and love for instance.
  4. What is the primary meaning of ‘RED’ and could be associated with?
    Red is one part of the colour spectrum and could be associated with love, passion and danger for instance.
  5. How many are there of kinds of signifiers ?
    There are four kinds of sign.
  6. What are the names of the four kinds of signifiers?
    • arbitrary
    • iconic
    • indexical
    • symbolic
  7. What is an arbitrary sign?
    It is a sign determined by chance rather thanby reason.
  8. Can you give an example of arbitrary sign ?
    • A word in English does not necessarily has a ressemblance in another language.
    • a song (English)
    • ein Lied (German)
    • une chanson (French)
    • una canzone (Italian)
  9. What is an iconic sign?
    It is a sign that is similar to what itrepresents.
  10. Can you give an example of an iconic sign ?
    An iconic sign could be a picture of someone.
  11. What is an indexical sign?
    It is a sign that you can directly associate with something else.
  12. Can you give three examples of indexical signs?
    • Smoke could mean fire.
    • Sweat could mean effort.
    • Paw print could mean animal.
  13. What is a symbolic sign?
    It is a sign that requires interpretation.
  14. Can you give an example of a symbolic sign ?
    The gender symbols are derived from astrological symbols (mars and venus).
  15. What is a polysemic signs?
    It is a sign that has several meaning.
  16. Is the meaning of a sign fixed ?
    No, the meaning of a sign can change over time.
  17. Give an example of a meaning of a sign that has changed over time.
    The meaning/the word of ‘black’ has known lotsof negative connotations over decades and it has been fought with slogans like« Black is Beautiful ».
  18. How do signs get their meaning?
    Signs get their meaning from cultural or social agreement.
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