CMT Week 5 Questionnaire

  1. What does narrative mean ?
    Narrative is the structure of events organised in some kind of order to tell a story.
  2. What does any kind of media ?
    Any kind of media tells a story.
  3. What do all cultures have in common?
    All cultures use stories to make sense to understand the world.
  4. Who was Vladimir Propp ?
    He was a russian critic and folklorist, which examined lots of folk tales and grouped characters and actions.
  5. According to Vladimir Propp, how many character roles can we recognize in a narrative story?
    According to Vladimir Propp, we can recognize 8 character roles.
  6. Who are the character roles?
    • 1. Hero
    • 2. Villain
    • 3. Donor
    • 4. Helper
    • 5. Heroine/Princess (or the victim)
    • 6. Father
    • 7. Dispatcher
    • 8. False Hero
  7. What does the hero?
    The hero seeks something.
  8. What does the villain ?
    He is competition with the hero.
  9. What does the donor ?
    He provides magical object.
  10. What does the helper ?
    He helps the hero.
  11. What does the Heroine ?
    • She is the victim and needs help.
    • She is the object of the villain and a reward for the hero.
  12. What does the father ?
    He rewards the hero.
  13. What does the dispatcher ?
    He sends the hero on his way.
  14. What does the false hero ?
    He sets out to undermine hero’s quest by pretending to help, often unmasked at the end.
  15. What is a social order?
    It is a concept referring to the stereotypes or associations that society has conserved and perpetuated over the years.
  16. Give an example of a social order
    • In a fairytale the princess is passive and defenceless. However female are nowadays more represented and fit in the hero character role as well.
    • e.g: Tome Rider is a female hero for instance played by Angelina Jolie.
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