CMT Week 9 Questionnaire

  1. On what drama focus?
    Drama focuses on development of realistic characters dealing with emotional themes.
  2. On what melodrama focus?
    Melodrama focuses on problems between people,expresses them in an ‘over-the-top’ fashion.
  3. Are most films purely in one category?
    No, they are not. They are often mix in 2 or more sets of genre.
  4. Give an example of 2 genres often mixed
    Romance & Comedy (romcom)
  5. What is a repertoire of generic elements?
    It is a sets of elements, which are analysed in a film in order to help us to define the genre.
  6. What are the repertoire of generic elements ?
    • Iconographyor ‘significant objects'
    • Setting/location
    • Narrative
    • Characters
    • Themes
    • Style
    • Audience response
    • Target audience
  7. What is the iconography?
    Iconography is the set of significant objects in a film. It could be any image that the audience will recognize as being significant.
  8. What are the setting and location?
    The setting is the time and the place.
  9. What is the style?
    The style is the presentation of the images and the sound. (camerawork, lighting and editing)
  10. What is the audience response?
    The audience response is the categorisation via intended audience response.
  11. Give an example of an audience response
    Comedy --> Laughter
  12. What is the target audience?
    The target audience is the potential appeal to aspecific audience.
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