Hodges Vocab List 6

  1. Commend
    to express approval of; praise
  2. Unwieldly
    so large, heavy, or oddly shaped as to be difficult to hold or use
  3. Respite
    a period of rest or delay
  4. Renown
  5. Chagrin
    a feeling of embarrassment caused by humiliation or failure
  6. Aghast
    struck with terror; shocked
  7. Heft
    to lift up; hoist
  8. Pivot
    acting as a center around which something turns
  9. Ingeniously
    • in a way marked by skill and imagination
    • cleverly
  10. Uncanny
    frighteningly unnatural or supernatural; mysterious
  11. Reproof
    an expression of disapproval; criticism
  12. Daunt / undaunted
    to destroy the courage of; dismay
  13. Efficacious
  14. Amended / amend
    corrected; to correct
  15. Ravage
    to cause great damage to; devastate
  16. Depredation
    destruction caused by robbery or looting
  17. Entreaty
    an earnest request; plea
  18. Dwindle
    to become steadily less
  19. Redress
    repayment for a wrong or injury
  20. Reeling / reel
    falling back
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