Chapter 15 Quest

  1. Absolutism
    where monarchs had complete or absolute political power over their subjects
  2. Sovereignty
    supreme power of national monarchs
  3. Divine Right of Kings
    the idea that Monarchs were the chosen ones by God to have absolute power
  4. Thomas Hobbes
    • supported absolutism
    • levianthan- said that people used to live in a ruthless state of nature like animals-power automatically given to a higher authority
  5. Cardinal Richelieu
    • After Henry IV was assassinated he took over for the lazy Louis XIII
    • tried to make france a stronger power
    • determined to bring nobility under control and replaced them with well educated professionals
    • tried to get rid of huguenots for forming a state within a state
  6. Louis XIV
    • five years old and became king
    • trained by his mother
    • learned to be a soldier, statesman, and judge
    • also reduced nobility power
    • built a new capital at Versailles with a big palace and had nobles come there to serve
  7. What did Louis XIV do to the Huguenots?
    • destroyed their power once and for all
    • they were protected by the edict of nantes but he revoked the edict and outlawed them
    • -->huge mistake bc over 200,000 left and they were skillful
  8. What else did louis xiv do that made the public hate him?
    • went to war with with spain- lost a ton of money-pointless fighting until the Treaty of Urecht
    • when huguenots left, taxes raised
  9. Treaty of Utrecht
    • treaty ending Louis xiv's war with spain, out of pure exhaustion from fighting
    • after this when louis' son Phillip took over, he had to agree that france and spain would never be ruled by the same monarch
  10. Ivan the Terrible
    • horrible leader
    • tried to extend domains
    • first fought against the mongols
    • killed his oldest son and left behind a weak younger one to take over
  11. Who took over after Ivan the terrible?
    his grandnephew Michael who just continued to rule as Ivan did
  12. Peter the Great
    • Peter I
    • determined to make russia more powerful
    • introduced new techniques and technology and westernized the people
  13. Westernization
    deliberately copying Western European methods and cultures
  14. How did Elizabeth gain so much power?
    • tricked the parliament
    • would put out an idea, let it go around to all the people, eventually they would present her with the same idea, and she would approve it, making them think they were included
  15. The stuarts
    • took over after Elizabeth
    • not nearly as good at tricking the people
  16. Charles I
    • James Stuart's son
    • tried getting money from parliament-said no
    • taxed the people for money
    • caused the civil war of England
    • beheadded and Oliver Cromwell took over
  17. Charles II
    • learned that he had to work with parliament
    • restored parliament
  18. James II
    • did not learn the lession of working with parliament
    • was catholic
  19. Why did the people worry about James II being catholic
    worried he would take orders and report to the pope, not the people
  20. Glorious Revolution
    • Mary and her husband William took over after JamesII was disposed of
    • they accepted the English Bill of Rights
  21. English Bill of Rights
    • granted basic rights to the people
    • limited absolutism
  22. Constitutional Monarchy
    where parliament could overrule the monarch
  23. Great Chain of being
    Idea that everyone had their place and they all existed in a hierarchial relationship
  24. Enclosures
    • fenced off land by landowners
    • caused farmers to have to pay rent to use land
  25. Middle class
    • class of regular, somewhat wealthy people who paid to finance armies and conduct trade.
    • Monarchs and nobles became dependent on this class
  26. Geocentric
    earth centered universe
  27. Aristotle
    • came up with the geocentric theory
    • thought everything moved in perfect circles around the earth
  28. How did Europeans explain the planets revolving in perfect circles when the math didn't add up
  29. Scientific Revolution
    • the realization that the planets revolved around the sun
    • destroyed the way people used to think the universe worked
  30. Nicolas C
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