1. דברים אחדים
    And of their unified words: they Were unified only to be against hashem another explantion is that once every 1656 years the sky collapsess and there is a flood and the people said lets make a support to hold up the sky
  2. בנסעם מקדם
    Moving from the east: for they were living in the east mountains they did it to explore a place for themselves to hold them all but they didnt find. a place to stay besides shinar
  3. לבנים
    Bricks: there were no stones in babylonia becuase it was a vally: they made bricks themselves so they wouldnt need ה
  4. וירד ה לראות
    Hashem desended to see them: why does hashem need to come down to them for he is G-D he did it to teach us that we should not judge somebody untill you have a closer look
  5. בני אדם
    The sons of man: then whos sons are they talking about maybe sons of animals it shows us the sons of adam the first man who is ungrateful the people were just like adam did same sin thought they were god
  6. הבה נרדה
    Come let us desend: hashem is showing us humilty by calling on his hevenly court
  7. לא ישמעו
    They shouldnt understand: they people didnt understand each other so they beat each other.
  8. ומשם הפיצם
    And from there hashem scatterd them: this tells us that they had no portion in olam abah and that the sin of the flood is worse b/c they didnt apressaite fellow man but the tower generation worked together bu for a bad cause
  9. על פני תרח אביו
    In the precence of terach: this means that in the lifetime of his father or he died becuase of his father becuade of the fernace when haran is thrown in and died
  10. אעשך לגוי גדול
    I will make u a great nation for you abraham: becuase journy has 3 negitives on traveles lessens probabilty to have children 2. It lessens money 3. It lessens ones reputaion reputaiom must be earned in a new place. Abraham needed three bracot which god promised them regarding there sons,money and hashem will make abrahams name great so hashem adds ה to abrahams name so hashem is with him. And the name אברהם in numerical value is equal to 248 the number of body parts in a man
  11. אל ארץ אשר אראך
    That i will show you: hashem didnt want to revel the land to abraham becuase in order to make it more special to him
  12. אשר עשו בחרן
    That they made in haran: for the took people under thier wings of hashem the people they converted and also they git slaves
  13. רעב הארץ
    A famine in the land: a famine only in the land of israel to test abraham if he would question god
  14. וילך למסעיו
    He proceeded on thier journys: when he returned from eygpt to the land of israel he would stay in the same motel on the way there an way back becuase it was nice to show that you liked the stay there.
  15. ההולך את אברם
    Who went with abraham: lot what caused him to have this his going with abraham
  16. ויהי ריב
    They were fighting: becuase lots sheperds were wicked they stole from other land but abrahams sheperds didnt and they fought.
  17. אנשים אחים
    Men who are brothers: this means( relitives)
  18. מקדם
    From the east:lot went away from hashem who had a name קדם or lot was traveling from east to west to sedom
  19. לה מאוד
    To hashem exceedingly: they know there master yet intended to rebel
  20. אמרפל
    Is nimrod his name describes who he is which means fall into a firery furnace
  21. ברע
    Evil to heven and evil to people name who he is
  22. ברשע
    name who he is that he moved upward in wickedness
  23. שנאב
    name who he is hates his father in hevaen
  24. שמאבר
    name who he is. He put an artifisal limb on himself to fly to rebel against the holy one hashem
  25. עמק השדים
    The vally of siddim: this is the name of it becuase there were many feilds
  26. בארת בארת חמר
    Full of wells there were many wells for clay contruction the kings fell into the clay but they survived
  27. הוא יושב בסדום
    He was living in sedom: who caused him this his living in sedom : they captured lot
  28. ומלכי צדק
    He is shem son of noach
  29. ויתן לו
    And he gave him: abraham gave him a tenth from everything that was his
  30. ולא תאמר וגומר
    So you shall not say: for hashem promised to make abraham rich abraham doesn want to accept money from king of sedom b/c he will say i made him rich not hashem
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