Dental Anatomy

  1. Where is the height of contour on permanent premolars for:
    • cervical third
    • middle third
  2. What is the eruption date for maxillary 1st premolars?
    • 10-11
    • 12-13
  3. What is the crown shape of maxillary first premolars?
  4. which tooth is larger, maxillary ist or 2nd premolar?
    maxillary first
  5. Do maxillary or mandibular premolars resemble eachother more?
  6. What is strange about the eruption dates of maxillary premolars?
    they usually erupt before mandibular premolars
  7. How many cusps do all maxillary premolars have?
  8. How many developmental lobes do maxillary premolars have? name them
    • 4
    • 3 buccal
    • 1 lingual
  9. true or false. Maxillary premolar roots have a slight lingual and distal inclination
  10. What is a main clinical consideration with maxillary premolars?
    If you have sinusitis, it may feel like a tooth ache in the maxillary premolars
  11. true or false. All premolars have proximal root concavities
  12. How many roots do premolars have? What is the exception?
    • 1 root
    • maxillary 1st premolar has a bifurcated root in the apical third in 80% of them
  13. which premolar has a mesial concavity that extends to the root, and also has a mesial marginal groove?
    maxillary 1st premolar
  14. Why is the maxillary first premolar periodontally fragile?
    because the mesial surface groove on the root allows an increased deposite level
  15. How many pulp horns and pulp canals are seen in maxillary first premolars?
    • usually 2 pulp horns (for each cusp)
    • usually 2 pulp canals
  16. Which outline is more rounded on the buccal view of the maxillary 1st premolar?
    mesial outline
  17. In distinguishing right maxillary 1st premolars from left, the lingual cusp is displaced ________, it has a _________ concavity, a mesial ________ __________, and the ________ cusp is longer than the __________ cusp slope on the buccal cusp
    • mesially
    • mesial
    • marginal groove
    • mesial cusp slope
    • distal
  18. What is the only tooth in the permanent dentition that has a buccal cusp with the mesial cusp slope longer than the distal cusp slope?
    maxillary 1st premolar
  19. Maxillary first premolars only's:
    • mesial marginal groove
    • longer mesial cusp slope on buccal cusp
    • bifurctaed root
  20. Is the lingual or buccal cusp of the maxillary first premolar sharper and higher?
  21. The occlusal function of the maxillary first premolars buccal cusp only involves its__________surface
  22. The occlusal function of the maxillary first premolars lingual cusp involves its __________surface
  23. What are the eruption dates for the maxillary 2nd premolars?
    • 10-12 years
    • 12-14 years
  24. What is the shape of the maxillary 2nd premolars crown?
  25. The buccal and lingual cusp in the maxillary _____ premolars are nearly the same height, where as in the maxillary ___premolars, the buccal cusp is longer
    • 2nd
    • 1st
  26. true or false. The lingual cusp on a maxillary 2nd premolar is displaced towards the mesial, just like the maxillary 1st premolar
  27. Which of the two appear more wrinkled? maxillary 1st or 2nd premolar?
  28. Is a mandibular first or second premolar larger?
  29. When do the permanent mandibular 1st molars erupt?
    • 10-12
    • 12-13
  30. What is the crown shape of the mandibular 1st premolars?
  31. the mandibular first premolar resembles a mandibular ___________ in many more ways than it does a mandibular ________
    • canine
    • 2nd premolar
  32. Which premolar only has one functional cusp? And which is it?
    • mandibular first premolar
    • buccal cusp
  33. Which tooth does the mandibular 1st premolar most resemble?
    mandibular canine
  34. Which cusp slope is shorter on the mandibular 1st molar?
  35. Which tooth am I describing; ML developmental groove and well-developmed marginal ridges, with a large buccal cusp and small afunctional lingual cusp
    mandibular 1st premolar
  36. Which margin is more rounded on the mandibular 1st premolar?
  37. true or false, the mandibular 1st premolar has a distal groove on it's root
  38. Which premolar would you see 'snake eyes' in?
    mandibular 1st premolar
  39. What is the eruption date for the mandibular 2nd premolars?
    • 11-12
    • 13-14
  40. How many cusps are seen in the mandibular 2nd premolars?
    there can be 2 or three
  41. What percentage for mandibular 2nd premolars have 3 cusps? And 2 cusps?
    • 3= 55%
    • 2= 45%
  42. What crown shape is the 3 cusp mandibular 2nd premolar?
  43. What crown shape is the 2 cusp form the mandibular 2nd premolar?
  44. In distinguishing left versus right with the 2 cusp type mandibular 2nd premolar, the lingual cusp shifts___________
  45. in distinguishing right from left in the 3 cusp type of the mandibular 2nd premolar, the___________cusp is larger, and it contains_______ ________ ________
    • mesiolingual
    • proximal root concavities
  46. which premolar is congenitally missing second only to maxillary lateral incisors and 3rd molars?
    mandibular 2nd premolars
  47. Which premolar has a Y-shaped groove pattern on it's occlusal table?
    The mandibular 2nd premolar with 3 cusps
  48. Which premolar has a lingual groove on its occlusal table?
    Y-shaped mandibular 2nd premolar
  49. Which premolar has a U or H-shaped groove pattern on its occlusal table?
    mandibular 2nd premolar with 2 cusps
  50. On which premolar is the central groove:
    V shaped
    Crescent shaped
    • mandibular 2nd - 3 cusps Y (with a straight lingual groove)
    • mandibular 2nd - 2 cusps U
    • mandibular 2nd - 2 cusps H
  51. What clinical consideration might occur to cause impaction of the 2nd mandibular premolar?
    premature loss of primary mandibular 2nd molar, causing mesial drift of permanent 1st molar
  52. Why is it hard for patients to clean the mandibular premolars?
    because they are in a difficult place for the brush to reach and the tongue gets in the way
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