Criminalistics Final Test

  1. The exchange of evidence principle was ?
  2. Nitrogenous base NOT found in DNA
  3. Who developed system where measurements of body used for ID purposes?
  4. The structure of DNA requires base pairing of ______.
    T & A (thalamine & atamine)
  5. Case of "General Acceptance"
    Frye vs U.S.
  6. Basic of crime scene reporting does not include ___________
    infrared analysis
  7. ______ can produce many exact copies of DNA segments.
    PCR (polymerase chain reaction)
  8. ALL Evidence should be packaged ______
  9. STR analysis has replaced RFLP, DNA typing, etc. All?? or which ones?
    All of the above
  10. Best way to guarantee evidence will withstand from collection to court is
    Chain of custody
  11. Amount of DNA required for STR analysis is ________ RLFP analysis
    less than
  12. Physical evidence can be obtained from what?
    crime scene, evidence, victim, suspect -- ALL OF ABOVE
  13. 2 strands of DNA that have been separated, basic widths on one strand is ATCG, what is 2nd strand?
  14. Visible evidence has a ___________ than that of testimonial evidence.

    or--- Physical evidence is considered to have ________ than testimonial evidence?
    greater value
  15. Clothes containing blood should be packaged in ______
    breathable paper after blood dries
  16. Evidence of tampering with position of a dead body is _______
    livor mortis
  17. Pointed end of blood stain _______ its direction of travel
  18. Rigor refers to ?
    stiffness of body
  19. a murdered victim's blood found in a muzzle of firearm means ??
    firearm was present at time of murder
  20. computerized data base used to store DNA is ______
  21. REmoval of object off surface between origin of blood and target surface is _______
    a void
  22. nucleus of an atom contains ________
    protons and neutrons
  23. Proper location & documentation of blood stain patterns is responsibility of who?
    all crime scene personnel
  24. which microscope has the largest potential working space?
    stereoscopic microscope
  25. crime scene reconsruction requires what: piecing together, ME, etc -
    ALL of above
  26. side by side view of 2 specimens is best obtained with __________
    comparison microscope
  27. ______ transfer patterns are when the object makes contact with surface and object is removed without any movement
  28. _____ national fingerprint system
  29. which is most widely used illegal drug in US today?
  30. Which is NOT a layer of hair shaft?
  31. ________ eliminates the desire for heroin
  32. central canal running through many hairs?
  33. sniffing of volatile solvents can cause what?
    dizziness, death, etc. ALL ABOVE
  34. collection of fiber evidence should be collected with great care to ??
    avoid cross contamination
  35. Most ofen cocaine is _____
  36. what is true about Rohibnul (club drug)
    LOC, dizziness, etc. ALL ABOVE
  37. Paint, as physical evidence is mostly encountered in ??
    hit and run
  38. the controlled substance act established 5 schedules of medicines. name a few
    abuse, pain mgt, addiction, etc. ALL
  39. 3 layers of hair shaft are ?
    cuticle, cortex, medulla
  40. drugs deemed to have highest potential for abuse & having current medical use in which schedule?
  41. Tell-tell signs of arson include
  42. Synthetically produced drug and not natural?
  43. fingerprint classification used & devised by ?
    Henry System
  44. Club drugs are - name some ?
    Rohibnul, MDMA ALL ABOVE
  45. Incident that changed system from body measurment to fingerprinting in 1903?
    Will West and William West - double with similar name
  46. Factor in determining rate absorbed alcohol?
    weight, amount, etc. ALL ABOVE
  47. which circumstances have identical fingerprints ?
    none to date
  48. There is a _______ relationship betweennt amt of alcohol and the alveoli
  49. what is the minimum # of ridge characters needed before 2 fingerprints establish a positive ID
    No Minimum exists
  50. Field sobriety test do not include what?
  51. to analyze blood for alcohol, labs use ?
    GC (gas chromatography)
  52. prints not readily visible?
  53. upon entering bloodstream, heroin is almost immediately metabbolized into _________
  54. A DRE (drug recognition expert) can determine if a person has ??
    taken one or more drugs
  55. Most common ridge pattern is _____
  56. rate of alcohol absorption on a full stomach is _______ the absorption on an empty stomach
    less than
  57. prints impressed in a bar of soap are referred to as _______ prints
  58. alcohol is eliminated from the body chemically unchanged in ?
    urine, breath, perspiration ALL ABOVE
  59. which chemical treatment produces prints when applied to a white surface
    Super Glue
  60. alcohol is oxidized in the ______
  61. BAC (blood alcohol concentration) level for legally under influence in most states is _____
  62. Evidence to substantiate that a rape occurred could include ??
    blood, hair, fiber, semen, etc. ALL ABOVE
  63. buccal swabs are obtained from where?
    mouth and inside cheek
  64. Luminol can be used at a crime scene for ?
    detect traces of blood without compromise
  65. after succesfully visualizing a latent print, one should _____the print?
  66. _______color test used to locate and characterize seminal stains?
    Acid phosphatase (but teacher said "aspermice" --- need to find out ??)
  67. fingerprint patterns that have no delta is _____
  68. the protein ______ is unique to seminal plasma
  69. in a point-to-point comparison of fingerprints, _______ must be demonstrated to establish identity
  70. blood can be characterized as being of human origin by the ______ test
  71. when drawing blood for alcohol testing, skin must be wiped with ________ swab
  72. what is the database for firearms?
  73. failure to add preservatives (such as Na Cl) to blood removed from living person may lead to a _______ in alcohol concentration
  74. the primary constituent of opium is ____
  75. gunpowder residue patterns can be detected by _____ & _______
    • Greiss test
    • and IR photography
  76. narcotic drugs are ______ that ________ the central nervous system.
    • analgesic, depress
    • (teacher said "is analgesics that "Stimulate" the CNS" --- need double check)
  77. to prevent disturbance of latent fingerprints, a gun should be lifted by ________
    trigger guard
  78. The ___________ focuses a beam of electrons
    scanning electron microscope
  79. the presence of _______ elements in materials provides useful markers in physical evidence
  80. tools & tool marks found at a scene by the _______ would include taking photos & cast of marks
    crime investigator
  81. If COD cannot be found through simple observations of victim, _____ is typically carried out
  82. possibility of recognizing known handwriting habits of an intoxicated person is _________ produced when writer is under influence
    greater than
  83. according to forensic etymologists, which is first to arrive at crime scene?
  84. techniques used to estimate time of death?
    vitreous, rigor, temp etc. ALL ABOVE
  85. rate of cooling of dead body can be influenced by all but ?? ___
    gender of victim
  86. writing characteristics of a person can be altered by what?
  87. in dealing with fax, photo copiers, and computer printer, brand, etc. ?
  88. Infrared luminescence is used to what?
    detect if 2 different inks used
  89. when obtaining handwriting samples, suspects are not allowed to view the document?
  90. ______ are the partially visible depressions on a sheet of paper underneath the one the visible writing was done.
    Indented writings
  91. Motherboard is to accept RAM?
  92. First, obtain a _______ before processing an electronic crime scene
    search warrant
  93. ultimate goal when obtaining image from a hard drive is to ??
    obtain image w/o altering the drive in any way
  94. once a file is deleted by a user?
    • retained until occupied &
    • acquisition
    • (Disk space is needed, Identify)
  95. _______ a group of sectors in multiples of 2
  96. __________ is unathorized intrusion of a computer
  97. which actions are taken at a crime scene involving a computer?

    You have to remove plug, photograph and sketch, etc
  98. all data readily available to a computer user is known as ______
    visible data
  99. definition of software?
    set of instructions that perform a particular task
  100. which unit has responsibility of examining body fluids & organs for drugs or poisons?
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