Mod D review

  1. What does ECC stand for?
    Emergency cardiodvascular care
  2. What does ACLS stand for?
    Advanced dcardiovascular life support
  3. what does aha stand for?
    american heart association
  4. what does AED stand for?
    Automated External Defibrillator
  5. what does CPR stand for?
    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  6. EMS
    Emergency medical services
  7. BLS
    basic life support
  8. FBAO
    foreign body airway obstruction
  9. what is the charin of survival for a child or infant?
    Early prevention
  10. what is the depth of the chest cavity for an infant during cpr?
    1/3 to 1/2 inch
  11. whom is considered a child?
    age one to puberty
  12. how long is a "good" breath in CPR?
    one second
  13. where is the pulse location used for an infant during CPR?
  14. proper way to ensure that the airway is open?
    head tilt, chin lift
  15. What should you do before you give rescue breaths?
    Look, listen, feel
  16. When should you use a finger sweep?
    On a choking adult
  17. what is the inflammation of the veins?
  18. What is pulmonary ventilation?
    Breathing, or the movement of air into and out of the lungs
  19. What lines the nasopharynx?
    Ciliated epithelium
  20. Whats is the opening of the larynx called?
  21. What covers the outer surface of the lungs?
    Visceral pleura
  22. what covers teh inner surface of teh body wall and extends over the diaphragm and mediastinum?
    parietal pleura
  23. What acts as a lid to prevent aspiration of food into the trachea?
  24. What part of the respiratory system lacks the support of cartilage?
  25. What is epitaxis?
  26. what is the nasopharynx?
    the nasal part fo pharynx
  27. what is the thyroid cartilage?
    Adam's apple. Largest cartilage in larynx
  28. Dust cells
    Alveolar macrophage
  29. Bronchotitis
    Inflammation of the bronchi
  30. Tachycardia
    Fast heartbeat
  31. Hypertension
    High blood pressure
  32. What is teh septum that seperates the heart?
    a wall is the center of the heart
  33. What are the purpose of the valves?
    Prevents the backflow of blood
  34. What is the amount of air during a single cycle of inspiration and expiration?
    Tidal Volume
  35. What part of the respiratory system sets the pace of breathing?
    Medulla omblongata
  36. What is the exchange fo gases between living cells and environment?
  37. what prevents the lungs from overexpanding?
    Inflation reflex
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