Dental Anatomy

  1. What are 2 other names for canines?
    • eye teeth
    • cuspids
  2. true or false. Maxillary and mandibular canines resemble eachother
  3. What are the longest teeth in the dentition?
  4. true or false. Canines have proximal root concavities on both surfaces
  5. true or false. maxillary canines are wider than maxillary centrals
  6. What is the eruption date of the maxillary canines? (6 and 11)
    • 11-12
    • 13-15
  7. Which cusp slope on the canines is longer?
    distal cusp slope
  8. The cingulum of the maxillary canine is larger than that of a central incisor of the same arch, what does this allow?
    it makes the tooth stronger during mastication
  9. the cusp is more developed and larger and the cusp tip is sharper on which canine?
    maxillary canines
  10. which tooth has the longest root in the maxillary arch
    maxillary canine
  11. In telling a left maxillary canine from a right, the distal outline is ______ than the mesial, the CEJ curve is higher on the _________, and the mesial marginal ridge is_________than the distal
    • shorter
    • mesial
    • longer
  12. true or false. proximal grooves are found on the maxillary canines, especially distal side
  13. The mesial half of the maxillary canine resembles a portion of _________, and the distal half resembles a portion of ________
    • an incisor
    • a premolar
  14. true or false. Normally imbrication lines and perikymata are seen in the cervical third of the surface of maxillary canines
  15. The mesial outline of the labial surface of the maxillary canine is overall__________ than the distal outline
  16. What are 2 clinical considerations often found in maxillary canines
    • crowded eruption
    • impaction
  17. name 3 developmental disturbances often found in maxillary canines
    • cingulum tubercles
    • dilaceration of root
    • dentigerous cyst
  18. What is the eruption dates for the mandiubular canine?
    • 9-10 yrs
    • 12-14 yrs
  19. What tooth does a mandibular canine often resemble?
    maxillary canine
  20. The cingulum of a mandibular canine is________ to the long axis of the tooth
  21. the lingual surface of the mandibular canine is generally__________
  22. Which canine is more symmetrical than the other?
  23. What are 2 developmental disturbances found in mandibular canines?
    • dilaceration of root
    • accessory roots - rare
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