501 Spanish Verbs

  1. abatir
    to knock down, to overthrow, to throw down
  2. abrasar
    to burn, to set on fire
  3. abrazar
    to embrace, to hug; to clamp
  4. abrir
    to open
  5. absolver
    to absolve, to acquit
  6. abstenerse
    to abstain
  7. aburrir
    to annoy, to bore, to vex
  8. aburrirse
    to be bored, to grow tired, to grow weary
  9. acabar
    to finish, to end, to complete
  10. acelerar
    to accelerate, to speed, to hasten, to hurry
  11. aceptar
    to accept
  12. acercar
    to bring near, to place near
  13. acercarse
    to approach, to draw near
  14. acertar
    to hit the mark, to hit upon, to do (something) right, to succeed in, to guess right
  15. aclamar
    to acclaim, to applaud, to shout, to hail
  16. aclarar
    to explain, to clarify, to make clear, to rinse, to clear
  17. acompañar
    to accompany, to escort, to go with, to keep company
  18. aconsejar
    to advise, to counsel
  19. acordar
    to agree (upon)
  20. acordarse
    to remember, to agree
  21. acostarse
    to go to bed, to lie down
  22. acostumbrar
    to be accustomed, to be in the habit of
  23. acuchillar
    to knife, to cut, to slash, to cut open
  24. acudir
    to attend, to be present frequently, to respond (to a call), to come to the rescue
  25. acusar
    to accuse
  26. adelantar
    to advance, to keep on, to progress, to go ahead
  27. adelantarse
    to go forward, to go ahead, to move ahead, to take the lead
  28. adivinar
    to divine, to foretell, to guess, to solve
  29. admirar
    to admire
  30. admitir
    to admit, to grant, to permit
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