Stagecraft Final

  1. What sizes wrench is used to tighten the nut on a 3/8” x 3-1/2” carriage bolt?
  2. To accurately describe the size of a bolt, use the bolts __ and length.
  3. The nominal size of a 2x4 is
  4. The actual size of a 1x3 is
    3/4 x 2 1/2
  5. There are 12 inches in a foot and, for a scene shop purposes, ___ parts
    to an inch.
  6. Which of the following is a means of powering a woodworking tool?
    Air, electricity, human
  7. According to the History Channel video shown in class, which
    of the following is the predecessor of the modern day nail?
  8. To accurately describe a staple, use the leg length and the ___
  9. hammer
    driving a nail
  10. miter saw
    cutting a angle in a piece of wood
  11. cordless drill
    making a hole in a piece of wood
  12. stapler
    attaching fabric to a chair
  13. tape measure
    determing how long a board is
  14. table saw
    ripping lumber
  15. ear plugs
    protecting your ears from loud noise
  16. framing square
    making a 90 angle at a joint
  17. diagonal cutter
    cutting a piece of wire
  18. utility knife
    trimming muslin off of a flat
  19. pipe clamp
    holding two wide boards together
  20. combination wrench
    tightening a nut on a bolt
  21. jig saw
    cutting curves in a piece of wood
  22. Lumber is usually divided into two major categories: ____ and ___ as determined by the kind of tree it comes from.
    hardwood and softwood
  23. The letter __ describes the best grade of plywood but, for lumber, the best grade is number __.
    A, 1
  24. The word, ____ describes the thickness of a saw blade.
  25. The garnish that usually goes with a bolt includes a nut and at least one ___.
  26. Safety ____ are worn to protect the eyes when working in the scene shop.
  27. The two primary categories of tools are _____ and ____
    handheld and power tools
  28. What glue is used to attach one piece of wood to another piece?
  29. Volt
    the unit of measurement of electrical potential
  30. Watt
    the unit of measurement of an amount of elextrical energy consumed and given off as heat
  31. Electrical current
    the flow of electrons through a conductor
  32. circuit
    a conductive path through which electricity flows
  33. Source
    origin of the potential
  34. load
    a device that converts energy into another form
  35. amp
    the unit of measurement of electrical current
  36. resistance
    opposition to electron flow
  37. Using heat to connect one piece of steel to another is called what?
  38. Which of the following is a type of acrylic that comes in different forms such as clear (used instead of glass in a window) or with a mirrored backing (to make a mirror on stage)?
  39. Steel is often classified by how much of this it contains
  40. Three-dimensional scenery is used to create this on stage:
  41. A platform on wheels is called a
  42. What is an example of 2-D scenery?
  43. Name the types of wood joints.
    mitre, lap, butt
  44. Which knot would best be used to tie a tope to a piece of pipe?
    clove hitch
  45. What is the best method for moving a piece of scenery vertically above the stage?
  46. 2-D scenery with a frame is categorizard as what?
  47. Which production team member is responsibile for the construction of the set?
    Technical Director
  48. What is a characteristic of a single purchase counterweight system?
    the arbor and the batten each carry the same amount of weight.
  49. Drop
    a large, painted canvas
  50. Fly
    Hand scenery from the rigging system
  51. Shift
    Change the position of the set
  52. Revolve
    device used to rotate scenery
  53. skid
    a platform on glides
  54. grip
    Physically hanfle a piece of scenery
  55. show deck
    platforms legged and bolted together for a specific show
  56. Power Formula
  57. What ellopsodial has the shortest focal length?
  58. What ell
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