1. What functions do enzymes play in the body?
    • They are catalysts.
    • They speed up the rate of chemical reactions in our body.
  2. Enzymes are which type of substance?
  3. What things can denature enzymes?
    • Heat
    • Strong Acid or base
    • Vigorous Shaking
    • UV radiation
  4. What is a substrate?
    The material acted upon by the enzyme.

    • S+E<>SE<>E+P
    • Substrate+Enzyme<>(SE)compound<>Enzyme+Product
  5. How are enzymes named?
    • Name of substrate
    • Tells what kind of reaction and ends in -ase.
    • ex. glucose oxidase
  6. Where are enzymes normally found?
    In Intact cells
  7. Alkaline phosphatase (ALP or ALKP) an diestive enzyme is active in what pH?
    • Work best at pH 10,
    • High pH optimum pH 10
  8. Alkaline phosphatase increased in what kind of cancer?
    • Bone disease
    • Liver disease
  9. SGOT / AST
    Transferases enzyme
    Increased in what diseases?
    • Liver
    • Heart
    • Muscle
    • RBC
  10. SGPT / ALT a transferase enzyme is increased in only what disease?
    Liver disease
  11. CPK aka CK are found in which tissues?
    • Heart
    • Muscle
    • Brain
    • Lung
  12. What are the 3 isoenzymes and which tissue is each from?
    • CK1 - 2 BB chains from Brain and Lung
    • CK2 - MB chain from Heart
    • CK3 - MM chain from Muscle
  13. What is important about LDH?
    • Present in almost all tissues.
    • Remains elevated longest in MI.
  14. How are isoenzymes separated?
    5 isoenzymes separated by Electrophoresis
  15. Why are hemolyzed specimens not acceptable?
    High concentration in RBC
  16. Which 2 enzymes are ordered together to evaluate pancreatic functions?
    Amylase and Lipase
  17. Which test are in a cardic panel?
    • CPK or CK
    • Troponin I adnormal protein specific to heart
    • Troponin T adnormal protein specific to the heart and muscle, best predictor to ACS and MI.
  18. Which test are in a liver profile?
    • ALP
    • GGT, GGTP or GT
    • AST
    • ALT
    • LDH
  19. Which is the most sensitive of the liver enzymes?
    GGTP (gin and tonic)
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