Denatl Anatomy

  1. Inner most tissues of the tooth, derived from the inner cells of the dental papilla, and contained within the crown and root of teeth
  2. What are 3 functions of the pulp?
    • support
    • maintenance
    • continued formation of dentin
  3. Where does the nutritional supply for the tooth come from?
  4. mass of pulp that is contained within the tooth
    pulp chamber
  5. The shape of the pulp chamber corresponds to __________
    the shape of the tooth
  6. pulp located in the crown of the tooth
    coronal pulp
  7. smaller extensions of the coronal pulp into the cusps of posterior teeth
    pulp horns
  8. portion of pulp located in the roots of the tooth
    radicular pulp
  9. opening from the pulp at the apex of the tooth
    apical foramen
  10. opening that is surrounded by cementum, and allows arteries, veins, lymphatics, and nerves to enter and exit the pulp from the PDL
    apical foramen
  11. extra openings from the pulp to the PDL, and form when HERS encounters a blood vessel during root formation
    accessory canal
  12. What is the largest group of cells found in the pulp?
  13. What is the second largest group of cells found in the pulp? And they are the reason we still have the formation of dentin
  14. inflammation of the pulp
  15. calcified masses of dentin found in the pulp
    pulp stones
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