Denatl Anatomy

  1. unexposed inner portion of the tooth, found in the crown and root and discussed as one unit
  2. where does the dentin come from?
    dental papilla
  3. What percent of dentin is made up of:
    mineralized inorganic material
    organic material
    • 70%
    • 20%
    • 10%
  4. What tooth structure makes up the bulk of the tooth?
  5. true or false. dentin is avascular, it has no blood vessels
  6. the main function of the dentin is to what?
    protect the pulp
  7. What color is dentin?
  8. true or false. Dentin feels rough, but is softer than enamel
  9. Why does apposition of dentin matrix occur throughout the life of the tooth? We can make new dentin if needed?
    because the odontoblasts remain living in the outer pulpal wall
  10. process of dentin matrix formation
  11. initial material laid down by the odontoblasts; they were the outer cells of dental papilla
  12. What are the two types of mineralization of dentin?
    • primary
    • secondary
  13. Ca hydroxyapatite crystals form as globules in the predentin, expand, and completely fuse together
    primary mineralization of dentin
  14. new globules form in the partially mineralized predentin, and don't completely fuse
    secondary mineralization of dentin
  15. long tube in dentin that extends from the DEJ to the DCJ into the pulp, and run PERPENDICULAR to the DEJ
    dentinal tubules
  16. What 3 structures are contained in the dentinal tubules?
    • dentinal fluid
    • odontoblastic process
    • afferent axon
  17. long cellular extension still attached to the cell body of the odontoblast within the pulp, in the dentinal tubule
    odontoblastic process (keeps forming new dentin)
  18. myelinated axon located within the pulp and involved in the sensation of PAIN only, in the dentinal tubule
    afferent axon
  19. dentin that creates the wall of the dentinal tubule
    peritubular dentin
  20. dentin that is found between each dentinal tubule
    intertubular dentin
  21. first dentin that is formed
    mantle dentin
  22. layer of dentin around the outer pulpal wall
    circumpulpal dentin
  23. first dentin formed, and formed in a tooth before the completion of the apical formation
    primary dentin
  24. dentin formed after the completion of the apical foramen, and continues to form throughout the life of the tooth, fomred to protect the pulp
    secondary dentin
  25. dentin formed quickly and as a result to injury, forms underneath the exposed dentins tubules along the outer pulpal wall
    tertiary dentin
  26. dentinal tubules diameter__________with age
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