Greek - Oedipus and the Myths of Thebes

  1. Foreign founding of Thebes

    Spartoi, what does Cadmus do after?
    foreign - Europa goes missing, so Admetus (dad) sends sons to look - Cadmus goes to Delphi to get an oracle; says you wont find her, instead, found a city where a cow with special markings lays down to rest. He follows, then where the cow lays down, men go to get water from spring, but all killed by Dragon. Cadmus defeats the dragon, takes the teeth and puts into ground --> men sprout, Cadmus throws a rock in the middle --> they fight eachother. Only 5 left - Spartoi

    Cadmus must serve Ares for many yrs, gets his daughter Harmonia in return, has many kids (Ino, Semelem Agave --> Pentheus)
  2. Local founding of Thebes
    • Polydorus (son of Chthonius?) comes to throne, marries Nicteïs - Have Labdacus. He (poly) dies, gives throne to wifes daughter Nicteus
    • - Zeus seduces his other daughter, Antiopê (pregs). Dad drives her from Thebes --> refuge with / marries King of Sicyon.
    • - dad kills himself, tells bro Lycus, to avenge --> wage war on Sicyon. Antiope gives birth to two Twins Amphion and Zethus while being taken back to Thebes
    • - twins are very different, but rule together in haromny
  3. The House of Labdacus

    Laius, Pelops - king, Chrysippus, curse, oracle

    Oedipus, Corinth, Polybus, Merope
    Labdicus has son Laius. Stays at the court of Pelops, king of Elis, falls in love with his son Chrysippus - rapes his one day.

    Pelops curses him --> flees back to Thebes where Amphion and Zethus died, so he is accepted as new king. Marries Jocasta but hears oracle that his son will kill him, marry his wife.

    When baby Oedipus "swollen foot" is born (J. gets him drunk and has sex with him) has his feet pinned together (ghost cant walk away) and tells shephard to leave him on Mt. Cithaeron , shephard cant do it --> give to shephard from Corinth --> gives to king/queen Polybus / Merope
  4. How does the oracle about Oedipus come to be fulfilled?
    • - There is a sphinx (offspring of Thyphoeus) in Thebes killing ppl who cant answer riddle.
    • - Laius goes to Delphi to find out how to fix, leaves Creon as regent
    • - Meanwhile Oedipus grows up at Corinth, but ppl laugh saying hes not the real son, parents wont tell him, so he goes to Delphi to find out. Hears that he will marry mom / kill dad.
    • - both he and Laius at delphi at same time, laius whips him, so Oedipus kills him. Flees to Thebes (hero threat to those around him)
    • - solves the riddle, marries Jocasta. (Creon had said that anyone who can solve will be king)
  5. Who are Oedipus' children
    Antigone, Ismene, Eteocles, Polynices
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