IA Chapter 6

  1. Flowcharts: What are they?
    A flowchart illustrates the steps or process to solve a problem.

    “Dummy Down” flowcharts for the majority of clients

    “Beef-up” flowcharts for Web/Flash developers..Especially if complex processes, like e-commerce,applets, or utilities (calculators, games, specializedservices, etc.)
  2. Basic flowcharting shapes
    The terminator symbol (an ellipse orrounded rectangle) marks the startingor ending point of the process flow.Contains the word "Start" or "End."

    A box can represent a single step(this X that), or an entire subprocess or function (a number ofcomplex calculations) within theprogram.

    Represents information that comesas input or output to the system,such as values that the user enters(input) or messages printed (output).

    A decision or branching point. Linesrepresenting different decisionsemerge from different points of thediamond (usually True/Falsebranches, but is dependent on thecriteria).

    Indicates that the flow continues onanother page, where a matchingsymbol (containing the same letter) hasbeen placed

    Arrows indicate the direction of flow.
  3. Flowcharts: Four Structures
    • Sequence
    • Decision
    • Repetition
    • Case
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