1. Who is usally the highest-grade civilian in the civil engineer squadron?
    Deputy base civil engineer.
  2. The second highest ranking officer in the squadron commands which civil engineer occupy?
  3. What position within the fire department does the base civil engineer occupy?
    Base fire marshal.
  4. Which of the following is not a part of CE's wartime mission?
    Operate, maintain, and protect infrastructure and facilities.
  5. The best way to provide the readiness to respond with an engineering capability in wartime is by...?
    exercising during peacetime.
  6. Prime BEEF's first objective is to...?
    organize , train, and equip CE forces to support Air Force combat operations.
  7. Which desription best fits RED HORSE's function?
    Conducts heavy engineering operations as independent self sustaining units.
  8. When not mobilized, which unit is under the authority of a state govenor?
    Air National Guard.
  9. Who is responsible for providing contingency, operations, and technical support to Air Force installations and civil engineers worldwide?
    Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency.
  10. When is 3-skill-level awarded?
    Upon graduating the Structural Apprentice Course.
  11. What is the minimum number of months of on-the-job training required for the award of the 5-skill-level?
  12. What GeoBase support enviroment provides senior plasnners and airmen the new intelligence enabling improved forward operating location selection, Time-Phased Force and Deployment Data Planning and accelerated bed down?
    GeoReach process.
  13. Waht are geospatial data layers that support one or more functional communities' specific missions or processes?
    Mission data sets.
  14. Which individual is the trainee's first line of feedback where they first seek help for specific training needs?
  15. Which of the following skill levels are allowed to task certify?
    5- and 7- skill-level.
  16. What person plans and schedules shop training and identifies postion qualification and skill level upgrade requirements?
  17. What person indentifies core task, third-party certification, and other unique specialized certification requirements to provide mandatory 3/5/7-skill-level in resident courses?
    Air Force career field manager.
  18. Your work center training program should be tailored to the needs of the...?
    mission first, then the needs of the people.
  19. When conduction training, what document is a time-phased schedule that implements the training program?
    training plan.
  20. Which type of training contributes directly or indirectly to mission attainment but is seperate from the requirements of an individual's Air Force specialty?
  21. In the training program area, which term identifies the lowest level of beavior that describes the complete performance of a meaningful function?
  22. What training prioritization code is used if training nt provided will ultimately cause some mission impairment?
    Code C.
  23. What form is used to request training for active duty military?
    AF Form 403.
  24. The CerTest program is broken into the following four categories: AFSC specific,...?
    supplemental training, CE general, and contingency.
  25. How many times can you take the CerTest pre-test for each subject area?
  26. Where should you look to see if there is a certification requirement for your job?
    Master task list.
  27. What does not help you establish your image with a customer?
    Impress your customer with your job knowledge.
  28. Which Air Force form do building custodians and military family housing occupants use to identify work to CE?
    332, BCE Work Request.
  29. Within how many hours from notification must all emergency work (direct scheduled work) either be completed or downgraded?
  30. What type of work order accomplishes the project with civil engineer manpower?
  31. What recurring work program term refers to the description of work needed?
  32. At what level are the hours for the recurring work program identified and reserved?
    Shop level.
  33. How often are recurring work program schedules printed for each foreman to verify, review, and schedule work?
  34. What part of the comprehensive provides detailed information in the form of graphice, textual data, narritive, and maps that focus on specific functional areas?
    Component plans.
  35. What part of the comprehensive plan includes the databases, documents, and graphics required for other Air Force programs?
    Special plans and studies.
  36. What part of the comprehensive plan are the informational databases that graphically depict features, such as unique natural and cultural resource boundaries?
  37. What is one of the keys to programming facility requirements properly?
    Work classification.
  38. What customer is reimbursable to CE?
  39. What are the two methods used for doing work for reimbursable customers?
    Reimbursment and direct cite.
  40. Step-by-step procedures for a particular job that are listed in the correct sequence for accomplishing the task are called...?
    Job phases.
  41. In what type of phasing do you list the sequence in which a trade appears on the job site?
    Craft phasing.
  42. When planning a project, what item is used to compute the total job time for each phase using engineered performance standards?
    Job planning and estimating worksheets.
  43. The Air force uses the in-service work plan to prgram work requirements over a...?
    12-month period.
  44. Under what time accounting method(s) do shops report to a scheduler the actual number of hours worked on each job?
    Actual time accounting only.
  45. Under what time accounting method(s) is it assumed that peopl are working a normal 8-hour day?
    Exception time accounting only.
  46. What do you need before you can access the Interim Work Information Management System?
    A Logon ID, password, computer with VUWin, and access to local area network.
  47. What attributes are not contventions of the Interim Work Information Management System (IWIMS)?
    Password requirements.
  48. What file types are used to create a report in the Interim Work Information Management System?
    Data and control.
  49. Under the Government Purchase Card program, who is ultimately responsible for the proper and correct administration of the program within his/her office?
    Approving offical.
  50. Which of the following purchases is authorized to be made with the Government Purchase Card?
    A $2000 construction project.
  51. How often are documents selected for warranty or guarantee enforcement reviewed?
  52. Who maintains warrenty and guarentee information on items of equipment installed by the operations flight?
    Operations work center.
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