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  1. Communication between the supracolic and infra colic compartments?
    parabolic gutters, grooves between the lateral aspect of the ascending and descending colon and the posteriorlateral abdominal wall.
  2. Greater Omentum components?
    • gastrophrenic ligament
    • gastrocolic ligament
    • gastrospleenal
  3. Lesser omentum?
    • hepatogastral
    • hapetoduodnal
  4. Infection of the peritoneum
  5. Function of the greater momentum?
    • Prevents the visceral peritoneum from adhering to the parietal peritoneum.
    • Walls off and prevents spread of infection
  6. Hepatic portal vein is made from?
    superior mesenteric vein and the spenic vein
  7. Level of esophageal hiatus and stomach
    T10, T11 Z-line
  8. The esophagus goes from voluntary muscle to involuntary
  9. Blood supply to distal esophagus?
    Left gastric and left inferior phrenic
  10. Esophogeal portal anastomosis?
    portal vein to left gastric vein to esophogeal to azogus
  11. Esophogus lymph drainage and innervation?
    • Left gastric lymph nodes to celiac
    • vagal truing and sympathetics from the greater splancnic
  12. Four parts of the stomach?
    • Cardia
    • Fundus
    • Body
    • Pyloric
  13. Stomach venous drainage?
    • right and left gastric into the splenic vein
    • left gastro-omental int ot splenic
    • right gastro-omental into the SMV
  14. Stomach lymph drainage is eventually to the celiac nodes
  15. Stomach innervation?
    • Para, anterior and posterion vagal trunks
    • Sym, T6-T9 via the celiac plexus from the greater splanchnic nerve
  16. Origin of right gastric artery?
  17. The stomach is interperitoneal
  18. Four parts of the duodenum?
    • Superior, L1
    • Descending, L2-L3
    • Inferior, L3 posterior to the SMA
    • Ascending, L3-L2, attached to the ligament of Treitz
  19. Level of the pylorus?
  20. Where is the junction of foregut and midgut?
    hepatopancreatic ampulla
  21. Duodenal blood supply?
    • Proximal part, gastroduodenal and superior pancreaticoduodenal artery
    • Distal part, SMA through the inferior pancreaticduodenal artery
  22. Anastomosis batween colic artery and SMA?
  23. Duodenal innervation
    • para, vages
    • sym, celiac and superior mesentaric plexi
  24. Lymph drainage of the jejunum and ileum?
    Into the lacteals of the villi to the superior mesenteric node
  25. Spinal innervation of the mid gut?
    • T8-T10
    • para from the posterior vagal trunk
    • not sensitive to pain but is to stretch and ischemia
  26. Foregut tissues?
    Stomach, esophogus, pancrease, duodenum, liver, bile ducts
  27. Degree of gut rotation?
  28. Four Physical features of the large intestine?
    • Teniae coli, three thick bands of smooth muscle
    • Haustra, Pouches between Teniae, Teniae or shorter then large intestine
    • Omental Appenadices
    • Caliber, thicker
  29. Cecum blood supply?
    • iliiocecal artery of the SMA
    • Iliocecal lymph drains to superior mesinteric nodes
  30. Large intersine innervation?
    • T10-T12
    • Para from vegus nerve
    • Appendix is T10
  31. Blood Supply to ascending colon?
    Iliocolic and right colic artery from SMA
  32. Arterial supply of transverse colon
    middle colic artery from SMA
  33. Blood supply and innervation of descending colon?
    • IMA and lumbar sympathetic trunk
    • Para via the inferior hyporgastric to the pelvic splanchnic
  34. Hiatal Hernia
    stomach through the esophageal hiatus
  35. Gastric vs peptic ulcers?
    • Gastric are open lesions of the mucosa of the stomach
    • Peptic are lesions of the mucosa of the pyloric call or the duodenum
  36. Bacteria that infects most stomach ulcers?
    Heliobacteer pylori
  37. Procedure for chronic gastric ulcers
    vagotomy, removal of vegus nerve since it causes parietal secretions
  38. Posterior gastric ulcer
    can erode through the pancreas inferring pain to the back and could damage the spleenic artery and cause massive hemorrhage
  39. Chronic inflammation of the colon?
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