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  1. 5 part promble
    • what makes dixonins to be recognized as an organic compound?
    • P1 Organic compounds contains hydrogen and oxygen.
    • P2 Dioxins contain both hydrogen and oxygen.
    • C. Dioxins is an organic compound.
  2. ore
    • 1.Locate ore
    • 2.mine 100% pds of material from ore3.heat material at high temp
    • 4.crush/run though concentractor to remove impurities
    • 5.smelter material to extract crude metal
    • 6.chemical reduction
    • 7.refining and purfying
    • 8.Crude metal is remlted to produce pure cooper (alloying to harden cooper)
  3. what is Ore
    Concentrated deposit of mineralsRock bearing imprtnat mineralsEx. Uranium ore
  4. 3 types of rocks
    • 1. Ingneous-Bosalt and granite fromed with molten mineral caol.
    • 2.Sedimentary rock-such as shale/sandstone formed from particles eroded from other types of rocks.
    • 3.Metamorphinc rock- such as schist is formed when ingneous or sedimentary rocks are transformed by heat and pressure
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