world civ final

  1. Plains of Italy
    • Lathium- in the north
    • Campainia- in the south
  2. Mountain Range in Italy
  3. Who were the Etruscans?
    One of the 4 groups that made Romans; they were one of the most puzzling because no one knew where they came from.
  4. What were the Etruscans known for?
    They introduced writing

    Made Rome a very important city

    Brought Rome into contact with the world
  5. Roman form of government moved from___->___->___->___
    • Monarch
    • Oligarchy
    • Democracy
    • Permanent dictatorship under emporers
  6. Under limited monarchy the king
    had been elected by the latins
  7. What are patricians?
    the nobles class of Romans (10% of the pop.)
  8. Noble=
    Aristocrats called patres famillium- father of the Family (about 50 clans)
  9. What are senate members called?
  10. even thought the king was elected he
    was required to seek advice from a council of nobles called the senate
  11. Plebian
  12. Last Etruscan King
    Tarquin the Proud
  13. Who established an Oligarchy (rule of few)?
    • Patricians- they called it republica.
    • In ordert to gain support of the plebians(commoners)
  14. The established oligarchy(rule of few) was called?
    • The imperium- 2 magistrates called consuls(senators)
    • They were elected for 1 year but reserved the right to be appointed dictator.
  15. Councillium Plebis
    Gathering of plebians

    Made because plebians wanted freedom from oppression
  16. Who had the unique power of veto?
    • tribunes
    • 2 positions from the councillium plebis
  17. Plebians demanded
    All Roman laws be written down and visible to all
  18. in 450 BC ___bronze tablets were placed in the forum.
    What were they called?
    • 12
    • Law of the 12 tablets
  19. marriage between patricians and plebians was___ due to the councillium plebis.
  20. What was the struggle between the patricians and plebians called?
    "struggle of the orders"
  21. when did Roman govt become a democracy
  22. Why didn't a tyrant take over during the struggle of the powers?
    Their willingness to compromise with each other.
  23. Roman Qualities
    • They give us a sense of who we are today
    • Pietas-sense of duty
    • Gravitas- seriousness of purpose
    • Dignatus- sense of personal worth
  24. Roman principles
    • Justice
    • Tolerance
    • a desire for peace
  25. Who was involved in the punic wars?
    • Rome
    • Carthage
  26. What was the most dangerous war Rome was in? What was the outcome?
    • 2nd Punic war.
    • Rome won
  27. Who was Hannibal?
    A General from Carthage who is determined to desroy rome during the 2nd Punic war.
  28. Who defeated Hnnibal? Where?
    • Cornelius Scipio(africanus)
    • Carthage
  29. What were the 4 groups of Romans?
    • Neoliths
    • Latins
    • Greeks
    • Etruscans
  30. Sicily was wht for Rome?
    • Romes 1st Province
    • Rome wanted Sicily for cheap grain
  31. When did Rome aquire Sicily?
    During the Punic wars
  32. What are the Greek cities located on the eastern side of the Italian Peninsula?
    Magna Graecia
  33. Virgil's Aeneid
    the Trojan Aneas escaped the destruction of Troy and sets up a kingdom in Italy.
  34. Peragamum
    Given to Rome from the King of Peragamum
  35. What was Peragumum to Rome?
    It's first province in Asia Minor
  36. Cornelius Sulla
    takes his army and defeats mithridates and then returns to Rome.
  37. First Triumvirate
    Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus
  38. Second Triumvirate
    The Rise of Octavian(Caesars Grand Nephew)

    Marcus Lepidus, Marc Antony, and Octavian
  39. What happened in 390 BC?
    The Celts(Gauls) cross the Po River and defeat the Roman Army. They take rome and hold it for Ransom. When the Romans pay, they leave and the Romans build a wall around the city.

    They then take the Army and divide it into 120 men units called maniples.
  40. What led to Rome and Magna Graecia?
    The defeat of the Latin League and the Samnite hill tribes.
  41. What were the children for the Patricians and Plebians called
    The Senatorial Class.
  42. What did Tiberius Gracchus do?
    Proposed the limiting of public land to 320 Acres and the rest be divided between the poor and veterans?
  43. Gaius Gracchus did what?
    • Carried out his brothers law
    • he proposed all latin neighbors become citizens. Because of this, he lost support of the Mob and 3000 of his followers were killed.
    • He commited suicide
  44. Gaius Marius
    Created a new style of Roman Army.
  45. Latifundia
    Huge Slave plantations
  46. The legend of Romulus and Remus
    Female wolf finds 2 of Aneas' descendants and saves them from drowning and raises them herself. In 753 BC they establish Rome.
  47. Why did the Roman Republic grow into an empire
    They wanted to make sure they could protect Rome.
  48. Gladius? Who was it associated with?
    • Short Stabbing Sword
    • Gladiators
  49. Who found Rome bick and left it marble?
  50. Who were the rich capitalists that solve rome's money problems during the Republic Pd.
  51. Augustus' reign was known as?
    Pax Romana- Peace of Rome
  52. What is the Latin League?
    Rome and Latin neighbors enter into a defensive alliance in order to resist the etruscans should they return.
  53. Roman Frontiers
    From the Rhine river in the north to the Euphrates in the East and into north Africa
  54. Roman Emporors
    • Neva-
    • Trajan-
    • Hadrian- Stabilized the frontier boundaries and built walls.
    • Antonius-
    • Marcus Aurelius- Great philosopher and stoic- After his death the early roman empire ended
  55. Romes first civil war
    Colline gate- 6000 Romans and Marius killed, Sulla wins
  56. Rome's second civil war
    between Pompey and Caesar.
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