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  1. What are the four types of fraudulent handwritings?
    • -Free Hand
    • -Tracing
    • -Normal Forgery
    • -Disguised
  2. List three factors that can effects handwriting?
    • -Health
    • -Aging
    • -Alcohol
  3. List four of the six characteristics that document examiners care?
  4. List 3 steps that are taken to minimize conscious writing methods as well as insure conditions for approximately …..
  5. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both requested and not requested….
  6. Document examiners cannot tell the persons handwriting?
  7. Currently voices analyzed by sound have not been widely accepted in the spectrograph?
  8. The handwriting of two different individuals can never be identical?
  9. Sometimes the handwriting of one individual maybe influenced by alcohol and drugs?
  10. ??????
  11. Some inks when exposed to blue-green lights will absorb infrared luminesce and emit light?
  12. When writing a requested document, suspect should be shown to the Questioned Document?
  13. Questioned Document is limited to writing in some type of paper documents.
  14. Dictated should be same as the content of the Questioned document or adolescent content many letter combinations.
  15. By ________________ a person’s handwriting has matured to unique style.
    Late Teenage
  16. Poor line quality and guidelines around signature are indication of?
  17. The science that can tell persons personality from handwriting?
  18. _________ Standards are easily authenticated.
  19. ______________ etl conducted research on signature exam to repute to.
  20. The best method for lifting indenting writing is __________.
    Thin Layer Chromatology.
  21. An attempt of distorting ones handwriting is called ______________.
    Disguised Handwriting.
  22. __________ Characteristics probably revised from penmanship.
  23. After testimony from ____________ Document examiner are observed as technical experts instead of Document experts.
  24. Document Experts will rend opinion from the same individual….
    Combination of Similarities.
  25. Handwriting containing inks of different chemical compositions maybe are disguised by blank film.
    Infrared Sensitive.
  26. The rule of Identification and composition of __________.
  27. Osborn testified in the trial of the century regarding what document.
    Ransom of Lindberg baby.
  28. _________ was the first developed at bell tele labs in 1941
    Sound Spectrum.
  29. __________ is credited with today with today’s find of questioned document.
    Albert Osborn.
  30. Random wear and damage to a type writer can impact ______.
  31. Printed Question document compared to _________ standards.
  32. ________________ may pass through upper layer of writing while being absorbed by underline area to reveal.
    Infrared Light.
  33. In a problem in an authorship of handwriting all characteristics of ______ and ______ must be….
    Question and Known.
  34. Many inks can be separated by the technique of blank chromatology.
    Thin Layer.
  35. Pictorial representation of the frequency amplitude of human sound.
    Voice Print.
  36. Property exhibited by something* when exposed to.
    Infrared Luminance.
  37. First developed at the bell lab in 1941.
    Sound Spectrograph.
  38. Impressions left on paper under original paper.
    Indented Writing.
  39. Any document that has become darkened by fire.
    Charred Document.
  40. Any document about an issue is raised.
    Questioned Document.
  41. Blotting or smearing over writing.
  42. An authentic used for comparison.
  43. Normal deviation found between respected specimens of writing
    Natural Variations.
  44. Removal of writing or printing from document.
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