Parts of speech

  1. Noun
    Person Place or Thing
  2. Pronoun
    Replaces the noun in a sentence.
  3. Verb
    Tells what the subjectof the subject does or is doing
  4. Adjective
    Describes the noun or pronoun
  5. Adverb
    modify verbs, adjective

    Examples: again,here,now,since,too,almost,how,often..ect
  6. Preposition
    shows relationship between the noun and another word in a sentence

    Examples: about,above,across,after,aganist,below,beneath,beside,between,in during
  7. Conjunctions
    connect words or groups of words in a sentence.

    Examples: and,after,although,as if,also,but,before,but,because,beneath
  8. Interjunctions
    a word that shows strong feelings
  9. Concrete Noun
    Things that can be experienced with the five senses.
  10. Abstract Nouns
    Names qualities or ideas.

    Example: Love, trust,hate
  11. Common Nouns
    Refers to a general class of people place or thing
  12. Proper Nouns
    names specific people place or thing. Proper nouns are capitalized
  13. Infinitive
    formed by adding "to" to the present tense
  14. Past
    formed by adding ed to the present tense
  15. Present Participle
    formed by adding ing and linking a verb to the present tense

    Example: am asking, are typing, has been raising
  16. Past Participle
    adding ed and linking a verb to the present tense

    Example: was asked, has been typed, were raised
  17. Action Verb
    shows an action that is taking place
  18. 1st person singular
    • Subject-I
    • Object-Me
  19. 2nd person singular
    • Subject-You
    • Object-You
  20. 3rd person singular
    • Subject-He she it who
    • Object-Him her it whom
  21. 1st person plural
    • Subject-We
    • Object-Us
  22. 2nd person plural
    • Subject-You
    • Object-You
  23. 3rd person plural
    • Subject-They
    • Object-Them
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