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  1. integument (def)
    the skin
  2. angioma (def)
    "cherry angiomas"; mall, red circumscribed vascular tumor
  3. acrochordon (def)
    "skin tag"; benign, pedunculated, abnormal skin growth
  4. Mongolian spot (def)
    bruise-like discoloration on a baby's butt
  5. hemangioma (def)
    raised, red growth; typically on the head or neck
  6. nevi (def)
    "birth mark"; dark colored blotch/patch of skin
  7. cradle cap (def)
    yellowish, crusty scales; usually on the scalp but also found in other oily areas
  8. candidaisis (def)
    "diaper rash"; a fungal (yeast) infection
  9. rubella (def)
    viral infection; also called "German" or "3-day" measles
  10. rubeola (def)
    "red measles"; highly contagious, viral, rare, a/w paramyxovirus
  11. macule (C's & e.g.)
    flat, circumscribed, <1cm (freckle, flat mole, petechiae, measles, scarlet fever)
  12. papule (C's & e.g.)
    elevated, circumscribed, <1cm (wart, elevated mole, lichen planus)
  13. wheal (C's & e.g.)
    elevated, irregular shape, solid color, size varies (insect bite, allergic reaction, hives, urticaria)
  14. nodule (C's & e.g.)
    elevated, circumscribed, firm, 1-2 cm, lump is deep (xanthoma, lipoma)
  15. tumor (C's & e.g.)
    elevated, solid, >2 cm (lipoma, neoplasm, benign tumor)
  16. vesicle (C's & e.g.)
    elevated, circumscribed, <1 cm, filled with serous fluid (herpes zoster, varicella)
  17. pustule (C's & e.g.)
    elevated, filled with purulent fluid (impetigo, acne)
  18. verrucea (def)
    "warts"; benign skin lesions caused by human papilloma virus (HPV)
  19. HSV-1 (def)
    oral infection of herpes simplex virus (may be transferred elsewhere)
  20. HSV-2 (def)
    genital infection of herpes simplex virus (may be transferred elsewhere)
  21. herpes zoster (def)
    virus responsible for shingles and r/t herpes varicilla
  22. candida albicans (def)
    fungus responsible for yeast infections
  23. thrush (def)
    oral candidiasis, typically in babies
  24. candida vaginitis (def)
    "diaper rash"
  25. tinea (def)
    a fungal infection of the cutaneous tissue
  26. tinea capitis (def)
    fungal infection of the scalp
  27. tinea corporus (def)
    fungal infection of the body; "ring worm"
  28. tinea cruris (def)
    fungal infection of the groin and most areas; "jock itch"
  29. tinea pedis (def)
    fungal infection of the feet; "athlete's foot"
  30. tinea unguium (def)
    fungal infection of the nails; another name for onychomycosis
  31. onychomycosis (def)
    fungal infection of the nails; another name for tinea unguium
  32. impetigo (def)
    infection of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue caused by S. aureus
  33. cellulitis (def)
    superficial skin infection caused by Streptococcus or Staphylococcus
  34. scabies (def)
    contagious infection of mites (sarcaptes scabiei)
  35. lyme disease (def)
    inflammatory disease contracted from ticks; affects skin, joints, and nervous system; caused by borrelia burgdorferi
  36. basal cell carcinoma (def)
    slow growing, non-metastasizing tumor of the deepest layer of the epidermis; mostly on face, neck, back, or shoulders
  37. burn damage to the epidermis only?
    first degree
  38. burn damage to the epidermis and some dermis?
    superficial partial-thickness (2nd degree)
  39. burn damage to the epidermis, dermis, but leaves subcutaneous tissue?
    deep partial-thickness (2nd degree)
  40. burn damage to the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue?
    full-thickness (3rd degree)
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