history final

  1. Post War America
    • Labor unrest
    • Social termoil
    • a wide spread panic over the Russian Revolution
  2. John J. Pershing
    Allied Commandor
  3. Labor Unrest
    when wages do not rise with the price of goods
  4. A. Mitchell Palmer
    • Atterney General under Woodrill
    • opponent of communism,
    • ordered the Palmer Raids against racials and Aliens during the Red Scare
  5. Palmer Raids
    Taking Russian criminals back to Russia
  6. ACLU
    • American Civil Liberties Union
    • thought Palmer Raids was unconstitutional
  7. Socco & Vanzetti
    • innocent victoms of the Red Scare
    • Wrongly accused and sentenced to death
  8. Marcus Garvey
    • back to Africa Movement
    • African Americans should go back to Africa and bring back culture
  9. The Scopes Trial
    John T Scopes relieved of duty for teaching evolution in schools
  10. 1920s:
    first Talkie
    • The Jazz Singer 1927
    • Al Joleson
  11. Warren Harding
    • 29th pres whos policies favored business
    • but his administration was known for scandals
    • cabinent/ohio gang engaged in scandals
  12. Albert Fall
    took bribes from oil company Teapot Dom Scandal
  13. Bolshevik
    a group of Russiona radicals led by Vladimir I. Lenin who played a major role in the 1917 revolution in Russia
  14. Communism
    A system of gov. in which there is no private property and there are no economic classes
  15. Red Scare
    Widespread frea of communism
  16. Palmer Raids
    A series of gov attacks on suspected radicals in the us led by Palmer
  17. deportation
    being sent back to ones country of orgin
  18. anarchist
    radicals who beelieve in the destruction of gov
  19. Henry Ford
    American business leader who revolution factory production through use of the assembly line and popularized the affordable automobile
  20. productivity
    the amount of product made by a worker or machine
  21. welfare capitalism
    system in which companies provided fringe benefits to employees in an effort to promote worker satisfaction and loyalty
  22. installment buying
    paying for an item over a period of time with a series of small payments
  23. credit
    a system of borrowing money from banks to make a purchase and then paying for it later with interest
  24. Calvin Coolidge
    13th pres known for his honesty and pro business policies
  25. Charles Evans Hughes
    politition who served as secretary of state and participated the Washington Naval Conferance
  26. Billy Mitchell
    general who supported the development of air power in the military
  27. kellogg
    Briand Poet a treat signed in 1928 that rejected was as a means to solving problems between countries
  28. Billy Sunday
    American fundamentalist minister who used colorful language and powerful sermens to drive home the message of salvation through Jesus and to oppose radical and progressive groups
  29. fundamentalism
    a belief in the literal interpretation of a particular religions doctrine or holy books
  30. Aimee Semple McPherson
    American funamentalistpreacher who was well known for her glamorous presentaions
  31. Clarence Darrow
    criminal lawyer defended John Scopes right to teach evolution in the Scopes Trial
  32. William Jennings Bryan
    lawyer and populist politician favored the free coinage of silver. lead the prosecuction in scopes trial
  33. bootlegger
    people who smuggled liquar during prohibition
  34. Zora Neale Hurston
    African American writer and folklore scholar who played a key role in the Harlem Renaissance
  35. Great Migration
    the major relocation of African Americans to northern cities from 1910-1920
  36. Harlem Renaissance
    a blossoming of African American art and lit that began in the 1920s
  37. James Weldon Johnson
    NAACP leader and Harlem Renaissance writer who wrote poetry an the song "lift every vioce and sing"
  38. Langston Hughes
    African American poet who described the rich culter of African American life using rhythms influenced by jazz music wrote of African American hop and defiance as well as the culture of Harlem and also had major impact on the Harlem Renaissance
  39. Paul Roberson
    African American actor and singer who promoted African American rights and left-wing causes
  40. Louis Armstrong
    leading African American jazz musician during the Harlem
  41. Bessie Smith
    African American blues singer who played an important part in Harlem
  42. D.W. Griffith
    Filmaker who produced Birth of a Nation during World War 1 wich introduced many advanced filmaking techniques
  43. charlie chaplin
    british comediam and mavie star he because famous for plaing the character of the "little tramp "
  44. Charles A Linderbergh
    american pilot who because the first person to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean
  45. Amelia Earhart
    First woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean set many speen and distance records
  46. F. Scott Fitzgerald
    American Writer famous for his novels and stories such as The Great Gatsby
  47. George Gershavin
    composer whose famous piece Phapsody in Blue shoed the impsct of Jazz on the 20s
  48. Immigrants
    • sever immigration laws,smaller numbers came from East Asia
    • Made America more diverse
  49. Reactions to immigrants
    nativists blamed immigrants for increases in crime and poverty and said they took jobs
  50. Chinese Exclusion Act
    • 1882
    • banning immigration and banned Chinese immigrants from becoming citizens
  51. Americanization
    the process of blending new immigrant into American society
  52. settlement house
    • a place where volunteers offered immigrants services
    • 1st was Hull house founded by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr
  53. Social Gospel
    The idea that faith should be expressed throught good works
  54. Commerce Act
    • 1887
    • called for reasonable railroad rates
  55. election of 1896
    the Louisiana legislature passed a law requireing African Americans to ride in separate rail way cars from whites
  56. The Jungle
    • Exposed shocking stock yards
    • responsible for passage of Pure Food & Drug Act
    • and Meat Inspection Act
  57. Muller v. Oregon
    long hours health of women and threatened public interest supreme court to uphold a state law established a 10h day
  58. Jacob Riis
    • wrote about the lives of impoverised immigrants in New York
    • How The Other Half Lived
  59. Ida Tarbell
    wrote about the condeming the business practices of the standard Oil Company
  60. Tenement Act of 1901
    act forced landlords to install lighting in public hallways and to provide at least one toilet for every two families
  61. NAACP
    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
  62. Seventeenth Amendment
    gave voters rather than state legislatures the power to directly elect their US senators
  63. Beringia
    A land bridge that connected the continents of Asia and North America during the Ice Age
  64. Magna Carta
    a document showed that limits could be placed on royal power
  65. Reformation
    a religious crisis within the Catholic Church in the 1500s led by those seeking reforms with the Church
  66. Christopher Columbus
    Began the process of European colocnization of the Americas
  67. Viceroyalties
    provinces ruled by viceroys the direct representative of a monarch
  68. missionaries
    people who convert others to a religion sent by the church to teach others
  69. Fray Junipero Serra
    a Franciscan friar who founded the first of many Californian missionaries
  70. Roanoke
    site of Englands first attempt to establish a permanent colony in the Americas in the late 1500
  71. Jamestown
    the first English colony that survived
  72. House of Burgesses
    Americas first legislature law-making body by representitives from different comunities in Virginia
  73. indentured servants
    agreed to work as servants for a certain number of years in return for food, shelter and paid trip to America
  74. Puritans
    English Protestants thought the Reformation did not go for enough
  75. Mayflower Compact
    a legal contract in wich thay agreed to make laws to protect the general good
  76. mercantilism
    economic principles gov held that a nations power was directly related
  77. salutary neglect
    when the colonies are benefited by being left alone
  78. plantation
    a large farm usually in warm climate with unskilled labor forced that grows one cash crop
  79. Middle Passage
    the difficult trip across the Atlantic
  80. Enlightenment
    the period in Europe thinkers thought that logic and reason could improve society, law, and gov
  81. Great Awakening
    A major religious revival in the colonies
  82. Johnathan Edwards
    appealed to his listeners fears and emotions told listeners only Gods grace and their own faith and good works could save them
  83. French and Indian War
    France joined with some Indian nations to attack England
  84. Proclamation of 1763
    law created by British officials that prohibited colonists from settling in areas west of the Appalachian Mountains
  85. Stamp Act
    required colonists to pay for an afficial gov stamp on certain paper items
  86. boston Massacre
    British soldiers fired into an angry crowd gathered outside a customs hous March 5 1770
  87. Thomas Jefferson
    a member the Second Continental Congress
  88. George Washington
    Leader of the Continental Army
  89. Common Sense
    a pamphlet by Thomas Paine that condemned the whole system of the monatchy and the rule of George III
  90. Declaration on Independence
    announced the colonies break with Great Britian
  91. Treaty of Paris
    Britian recognized the independence of the US
  92. Marbury vs Madison
    The supreme Court ruled that the Constitution did not give the court power to make Madison deliver the commusion
  93. Sugar Act
    placed a tax on all duties or taxes on molasses and sugar imported to North America from places outside the British Empire
  94. Declatory Act
    declared Parliaments right to make laws concerning the colonists without their consent
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