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  1. post trauma pain not relieved by medication, limb pale and pulseless (M's of)
    compartment syndrome
  2. compartment syndrome can lead to what?
    tissue ischemia, hypoxia, and necrosis
  3. dark reddish brown urine (M's of)
    Myoglobinuria a/w rhadbomyolisis
  4. what happens when OPG binds to RANK?
    deactivation of osteoclasts resulting in bone growth
  5. what happens when RANKL binds to RANK?
    activation of osteoclasts resulting in bone resorption
  6. Rickets can lead to what physical deformities? Why?
    damage to growth plates can cause Kyphosis, Genu valgum, or Genu vacuum
  7. what bone disorder is a/w deficiency of bile and soft bones?
  8. In what bone disorder is the problem most likely internally caused?
  9. joint pain, vertebral fractures, and muscle weakness (M's of)
  10. in what bone disorder is the damaged caused by a failure in calcification?
  11. sinus, ear, and dental infection can cause ___
  12. what bone disorder is a/w being bitten, having surgery, or open fractures?
  13. what lasting affects on infants and children does osteomyelitis have?
    infants may have stunted growth, children may suffer improper/deforming bone growth
  14. nonspecific symptoms of infection, joint pain, and muscle pain/spasm (M's of)
  15. what bone disorder can be blamed on a defective B-cell named Iggi?
    Multiple myeloma (B-cell makes IgG, IgG makes Il-6, Il-6 causes bone resorption)
  16. what bone disorder commonly limits itself to the bones of the central body?
    multipel myeloma
  17. proteinurea, acure renal failure, recurrent pneumonia, pathologic fractures (M's of)
    multiple myeloma
  18. multiple myeloma is a/w what protein?
  19. what disorder's M's are caused by excess fluid and calcium in the muscles?
    Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
  20. progressive muscle weakness, enlarged calf muscles, respiratory and cardiac problems (M's of)
    Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
  21. what disorder is a/w Lyme disease, trauma, and HIV?
  22. diffuse burning/gnawing pain, and fatigue (M's of)
  23. what disorder is a/w soggy, weak cartilage; and osteophytes?
  24. organize the players: proteolytic and collegenolytic enzymes, cartilage, osteophytes, chrondrocytes, proteoglycan
    Chrontrocytes make p & c enzymes - enzymes destroy proteoglycan - cartilage gets weak - osteophytes start growing
  25. pain in at least 1 weight bearing joint, stiffness dissipates after a few minutes, nocturnal pain not relieved by rest (M's of)
  26. ulnar drift and subcutaneous nodules are a/w ___
    rheumatoid arthritis
  27. morning stiffness lasting over 1 hr, malaise, fatigue, diffuse musculoskeletal pain (M's of)
    rheumatoid arthritis
  28. muscle or tendon stiffening and shortening, scales, loss of hair (M's of)
    systemic lupus erethematosus (SLE)
  29. joint pain and inflammation; butterfly rash; heart, lung, renal, and CNS involved too (M's of)
    systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)
  30. M's usually found in large joints, may include inflammation of the eye and cervical subluxation (M's of)
    juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
  31. chronic inflammation of the pigmented layer of the eye, and bone fusion in joints (M's of)
    juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
  32. abrupt pain in the great toe and kidney stones (M's of)
  33. joint pain with nodules that may be white and are periodically red and inflamed (M's of)
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