Philosophy Final Exam

  1. Determinism
    everything happens for a reason
  2. Compatibilism
    free will and determinism are compatible, they both can be true
  3. incompatibilism
    free will and determnism are incompatible, either one is true, or the other, not both
  4. hard determinism
    determinism is true, no free will
  5. libertarieanism
    there is free will, determinism is false
  6. fred
    determinism is not true, we do have free will, they are not compatible
  7. daniel
    determinism is true, there is no free will, they are not compatible
  8. carolyn
    determinism is true, we have free will, they are compatible
  9. daniels argument in favor of determinism
    in daily life and in science, we have lots of evidence of things being caused
  10. carolyns argument in favor of determinism
    whever there is a difference in how something happens, there is also a difference in prior conditions
  11. what is determinism as an empirical thesis
    determinism is not true by definition, instead establsihed by observation
  12. what are freds objections to determinism
    evidence in favor of determinism does not prove that everything is caused, it just proves some stuff is caused

    identical twins have different personalities which shows their personalities are not caused by the environment - so determinism is false

    quantum physics says that the behavior of sub atomic particles is not caused
  13. why does fred think quantum physics causes trouble for determinism
    it seems like the behavior of subatomic particles is not caused
  14. fred deliberation argument
    • 1. when we deliberate we make a choice
    • 2. whatever choice we make, we could have chosen differently
    • 3. if determinism is true, we could not of chosen
    • /.: determinism is false
  15. whats daniels reply to premise 2 including brain surgery and hypnosis/
    • 1. brain surgery - while in brain surgery the doctor can stimulate the brain to do things outside our control
    • 2. hypnosis - while being hypnotized you can do actions outside your control
  16. whats freds introspective argument?
    we are introspectively aware of our own free will. we feel like we could have chosen differently and acted form the way we actually did
  17. freds response to daniels claim to intrspective
    everyone has an inner sense of free will.. do you really want to say its an illusion?
  18. what freds free will trumps science argument?
    • 1. everyone has the immediate and strong inner feeling of having free will
    • 2. science has not given us a complete casual account of everything
    • /.: we have more evidence in favor of free will than we have determinism
  19. whats freds robot counter example?
    suppose there is a neural implant that causes your behavior. according to carolyns account. this behavior will be free becuase it is caused by something inside of you. this behavior doesnt seem free. you are like a robot that blindly obeys the implant.
  20. freds freedom requires uncaused action argument
    • 1. to be in control of you actions, it must be possible for all prior conditions to have been exactly the same and for you to have acted differently
    • 2. so to in control of your actions, they need to be uncaused
    • /.: free action must be uncaused
  21. carolyns freedom requires caustion argument?
    • 1. if an action is uncaused, then it is random, it will be completely disconnected from your current beliefs and desires.
    • 2. free action, action that we control is not random
    • /.: free action nis not uncaused, free action is caused by our beliefs and desires.
  22. freds before birth argument
    • 1. if determinism is true, then all our actions are caused
    • 2. the chain of cause and effects that produce my action includes events that happen before my birth
    • 3. i cant control events before my birth
    • /.: if determinism is true then i am not in control of what is happening now
  23. fredd defines free will
    free will cannot be casued
  24. carolyn defines free will
    action has to be caused by your internal cause
  25. if you come to cross roads and freely choose to go right instead of left, what does carolyn say about your choice?
    your free, you can choose whatever way you want to go
  26. what makes your decision of road paths "free"?
    no one has a gun to your head and making you go left or right
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