1. What of the following is not true about the
    Indica Bookstore and Gallery?
    • The Incredible String Band served as the house
    • band
  2. Which member of The Beatles studied sitar with
    Ravi Shankar?
    George Harrison
  3. One of the first major events in the formation
    of the London Underground was a poetry reading given by Allen Ginsberg
  4. What was the inspiration for the title of the
    song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”?
    A drawing by John Lennon’s son
  5. Donovan was influenced by the finger-picking
    guitar style of
    Bert Jansch
  6. Who was the sound engineer for the albums
    Revolver and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band?
    Geoff Emerick
  7. Which of the following best describes the
    musical form of “The Mad Hatter’s Song”?
    Multiple sections with little structural repetition
  8. What is the name of the rotating speaker system
    designed to create a Doppler effect?
    Leslie Speaker
  9. What avant-grade composer influenced Paul
    McCartney and appears on the album cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Clubs
    Karlheinz Stockhausen
  10. What is the name of the British researcher who
    introduced Timothy Leary to LSD?
    Michael Hollingshead
  11. What is the peculiar electronic instrument featured
    in the song “Good Vibrations”?
    The electro-theremin
  12. Which album by the Beach Boys reflects Brain Wilson’s increased interest in studio
    Pet Sounds
  13. Who were the co-founders of the UFO club?
    John “Hoppy” Hopkins and Joe Boyd
  14. The generic mantra for Transcendental Meditation,
    as taught by Ken Mille, the guest lecturer, is:
    Aim (pronounced like a drawn out “I’m”)
  15. Pink Floyd served as the first house band of the
    UFO Club
  16. Which Beatle compared the band favorably to
    Jesus in a controversial statement?
    John Lennon
  17. Which of the following is not true about The
    Rolling Stones album ‘Their Satanic Majesties Request’?
    • The title satirizes the text on a standard
    • British passport
  18. In the article “Goodbye Surfing Hello God!- The
    Religious Conversion of Brian Wilson” (1967), Jules Siegel describes Wilson’s
    • Ambitious studio recording project that remained
    • incomplete until 2004
  19. What is the peculiar electronic instrument in
    the song “Good Vibrations”?
    The electro-theremin
  20. Pink Floyd as the first house band of the UFO
  21. What was the 14-Hour Technicolour Dream?
    • A multi-media event designed to raise money for
    • the International Times
  22. The term “glissando” refers to a
    Continuous slide from one pitch to another
  23. The band Soft Machine was named after a novel by
    William Burroughs
  24. The band The Rolling Stones was named after a
    Song by blues singer and guitarist Muddy Waters
  25. Which album by The Beach Boys reflects Brian
    Wilson’s increased interest in studio production?
    Pet Sounds
  26. Which of the following musicians was not a
    member of Cream?
    Steve Winwood
  27. A “supergroup” is a rock band…
    • Consisting of musicians who previously achieved
    • fame in other groups
  28. Where did Jimi Hendrix light his guitar on fire
    after a performance of “Wild Thing”
    Monterey Pop Festival
  29. Which of the following guitarists was not a
    member of The Yardbirds?
    Syd Barrett
  30. In the song “1983 (A Merman I Should Turn to
    Be),” to what does “1983” refer?
    A section number of the Civil Rights Act
  31. In his 1968 interview with Jann Wenner, Eric
    Clapton expresses his appreciation of Jimi Hendrix not only as a musician, but
    also as an entertainer
  32. At the early stages of his career, Jimi Hendriz
    did not tour with which of the following R&B musicians?
    Bo Diddley
  33. After The Yardbirds disbanded in 1968, formed
    the group
    Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin
  34. In his 1968 interview with Rolling Stone
    Magazine, Jimi Hendriz explains that audiences from different countries respond
    to his music in a similar manner, and as long as the countinue to pay he will
    continue to play
  35. Who is the acustic engineer who worked with Jimi Hendrix to develop guitar effects?
    Roger Mayer
  36. How many people attended the Woodstock Festival?
  37. Who co-organized the Monterey Pop Festival?
    Lou Adler
  38. The lyrics to the song “Legend of a Mind” refer
    to and
    Timothy Leary, psychedelic drugs
  39. The Woodstock Festival of 1969 was intended as a
    free concert?
  40. What was the name of the radio program that disc
    jockey John Peel broadcasted in Radio London?
    The Perfumed Garden
  41. In the song “Monterey” by Eric Burdon and the
    Animals, when the lyrics describe different musicians who performed at the
    festival, the accompaniment changes to reflect the style of each performer
  42. Who filmed “Monterey Pop” (1968), the
    documentary of the Monterey Pop Festival?
    D.A. Pennebaker
  43. What is “pirate radio”?
    An illegal radio transmission
  44. Mike Pinder of the Moody Blues introduced what
    instrument to what other musicians?
    Mellotron, John Lennon and Paul McCartney
  45. In his book “Aquarius Rising,” Robert Santelli
    distinguishes rock festivals of the late 1969’s from earlier folk or jazz
    festivals in terms of age, drugs, and the number of people in attendance
  46. Abbey Road Studios
    • recording
    • studio located on Abbey rd which had techniques used by The Beatles and Pink
    • Floyd
  47. Altamont
    speedway Free Festival
    • rock
    • concert feat the rolling stones and jefferson airplane where they hired the
    • Hells Angels for security cuz the venue was so violent (dec. 6, 1969)
  48. Automatic
    Double Tracking (ADT)-
    • invented
    • at Abby Road studios it’s a technique of recording and delaying the music and
    • vocals doubling the vocals and instruments
  49. 14-Hour
    Technicolour Dream
    • ·
    • fundraiser concert for the International Times (1967)
  50. Backmasking
    • recording
    • technique where a sound or message is recorded backwards on to a track that is
    • meant to be played forward
  51. Bed-In
    • 2
    • week long bed-in for peace held by John Lennon and Yoko to protest the Vietnam
    • war
  52. Bowed
    • method
    • of playing guitar using a bow like a cello or violin (used by Jimmy Page in The
    • Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin)
  53. Bridge
    • contrasting
    • section which prepares for the return of the original material section in music
  54. British
    • describes the large number of UK bands that
    • became popular between 64 and 66
  55. Café
    • club
    • where many musicians got their start such as Hendrix, bob dylan, bruce
    • springsteen, ect.
  56. Concept
    • themed
    • album
  57. Dynamics
    • how
    • loud or quite the music is
  58. Finger
    picking style
    • used
    • in folk, blues, and country-jazz where thumb maintains a steady rhythm on lower
    • strings and index picks out melody on high strings
  59. Gilassando
    • a
    • glide from one pitch to another
  60. Indica
    • store
    • co-owned by John Dunbar, peter Asher, and Barry Miles which hosted alternative
    • happenings and was helped by Paul McCartney
  61. International
    Times (IT)-
    • underground
    • newspaper made by John Hopkins, David Mairowitz, Pete Stansill, Barry Miles,
    • Jim Haynes and Tom McGrath
  62. Jew’s
    Harp (Jaw Harp)-
    • small
    • instrument placed in mouth
  63. Leslie
    • amplifier/loudspeaker
    • that is used to creat effects using the Doppler effect
  64. Magical
    Mystery Tour
    • CD
    • and Film by The Beatles where the film was a failure but the CD was a success
  65. Mellotron
    • electric
    • keybored which was the first sample-playback keyboard;
  66. Monterey
    International Pop Festival
    • 3-day
    • concert (june 16-18 1967)where Hendrix, The Who, and Janis Joplin played
  67. Octavia
    • effects
    • pedal designed for Hendrix by his sound tech that reproduces the input signal
    • from a guitar one octave higher and/or lower in pitch to add distortion fuzz
  68. Our
    • first live international satellite television
    • production which hosted The Beatles and Pablo Picaso
  69. Panning
    • the
    • spread of a sound signal into a new stereo or multi-channel sound field
  70. Pirate
    • ·
    • illegal or unregulated radio transmission
  71. Progressive
    • subgenre
    • of rock music which came from psychedelic rock with bands such as pink Floyd and
    • soft machine
  72. The
    Psychedelic Experience
    • book
    • written by Timothy Leary which details the experience as opening one’s mind to
    • things usually unavailable to ordinary waking consciousness
  73. Redlands
    • bust
    • at Keith Richard’s house where many musicians were arrested such as Donovan
  74. Supergroup
    • group
    • comprised of artsist who have already achieved fame in another group
  75. Swarmandal
    • Indian
    • harp
  76. Tack
    • permanently
    • altered version of a piano in which tacks or nails are placed on the hammers of
    • the unstrument at the point where the hammers hit the strings, giving the instruments
    • a tinny, more percussive sound
  77. Theremin
    • instrument
    • there you play by waving your hand in the air around the antenna
  78. UFO
    • underground
    • club who had pink Floyd as house band and hosted many other shows
  79. Woodstock
    Music and Arts Festival
    • 1969
    • 3-day music festival
  80. Lou
    • ·
    • help produce the Monterey International Pop
    • Festival
  81. Pink
    • blues
    • singer from where pink Floyd got their “pink” from
  82. Johann
    Sebastian Bach
    • german
    • composer, organist, harpsichordist, violist, and violinist
  83. Chuck
    • American
    • guitarist
  84. Joe
    • - American
    • record producer who helped launch the career of The Incredible String Band
  85. William
    • American
    • novelist, poet, essayist, and spoken word poet who influenced the beat
    • generation and wrote Naked Lunch
  86. Chas
    • English
    • musician, record producer; who helped The Animals and became manager of Hendrix
  87. Tony
    • producer
    • of the Moody Blues
  88. Floyd
    • American
    • blues guitarist from whom pink Floyd got their “Floyd”
  89. Bob
    • American
    • singer/songwriter who has been a major musical figure
  90. Geoff
    • ·
    • English recordning studio audio engineer who
    • worked with the beatles
  91. Allen
    • American
    • poet and sexual revolution writer
  92. Kenneth
    • Scottish
    • writer who wrote the wind in the willows which portrays psychedelic influence
    • before the movement even began
  93. Michael
    • british-born
    • reasearcher in psychedelic drugs and contributer to the psychedelic review
  94. John
    “Hoppy” Hopkins
    • set
    • up the UFO club
  95. Bert
    • Scottish
    • folk musicians and founding member of Pentangle
  96. Robert
    • American
    • blues singer (known for legened of making a deal with the devil to play blues)
  97. Al
    • provided
    • studio support for bob Dylan
  98. Michael
    • producer
    • who co-created woodstock
  99. Maharishi
    Mahesh Yogi
    • spiritual
    • advisor to the beatles, and founder of transcendental meditation technique
  100. George
    • “fifth
    • beatle” and produced all but one of their original albums
  101. Roger
    • song
    • engineer how developed several electric guitar effects used by hendrix
  102. Barry
    • English author, and co-owner of the Indica
    • gallery and helped start the international times
  103. Andrew
    • manager
    • of the rolling stones
  104. John
    • BBC
    • one radio DJ who played psychedelic rock
  105. Paul
    • developed
    • the theremin
  106. Ken
    • sound
    • engineer who played an important role at abbey rd studios and worked on several
    • beatles albums
  107. Muddy
    • blues
    • musician
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