Oral Cancer

  1. The incidence of oral cancer is ____ of all cancers
  2. The estimated number of patients with oral cancer is
  3. The number one kind of cancer is
    gastrointestinal cancer
  4. 90% of head and neck tumors are
    squamaous cell carcinomas
  5. When is the highest incidence of oral cancer
  6. What percentage of oral cancer appears on the lateral borders of the tongue
  7. What percentage of oral cancer appears on the lips
  8. What percentage of oral cancer appears on the floor of the mouth
  9. To decrease the risk of oral cancer diet should include
    Fiber Vitamin C E and selenium
  10. The presence of what two HPV viruses increased the risk of oral cancer
    16 and 18
  11. What percentage of oral cancer patients will have oral manifestations
  12. What are some oral manifestations of patients receiving chemotherapy
    • Mucositis and Ulceration
    • Infection
    • Neurotoxicity
    • Xerostomia
    • Bleeding
    • Osteonecrosis of the jaw
  13. What is mucositis a direct result of
    The cytotoxic effects of the antineoplastic drugs
  14. What are some opportunistic organisms not usually found in the mouth
    • Mucormycosis
    • Aspergillosis
    • E.Coli
  15. What two medication have a high incidence of neurotoxicity
    Vincristine and Vinblastine
  16. The patient may have spontaneous bleeding from the mouth when the platelet count drops below
  17. What are the two most common injectable bisphosphonates
    • Aredia
    • Zometa
  18. What rinse is good for spontaneous bleeding
  19. For caries control what two products should be used
    • 1.1% Neutral sodium Fl (Prevident)
    • 0.4% Stannous flouride in custom trays
  20. Ideally all dental treatment should be complete
    2-3 weeks before chemotherapy begins
  21. What are some oral manifestations of radiation
    • Radiation caries
    • Osteoradionecrosis
    • Trismus
    • Erythema
    • Nutritional deficiency
  22. When will patient of radiation start to exhibit erythema
    2nd day of treatment
  23. When will a radiation patient start to exhibit mucositis
    5-6th day
  24. When do radiation treatment patient start to exhibit xerostomia
    After 1 week
  25. Where are dental caries mostly seen in radiation patients
    cervical 1/3
  26. What are some sialogogues
    • Salagen (pilocarpine)
    • Sialor (anethole trihione)
    • Evoxac (cevimeline)
  27. What are some mucositis and ulcerative treatment treatment rinses and pain relief
    • 50% Kaopectate and 50% Benadryl
    • 2% viscous lidocaine & diprehydranine elixir 12.5mg/5cc and maalox in 3=measures
    • Dyclonine HCL 0.5% & diphenhydramine HCL 0.5% in 2 measures
    • Oral morphine 0.3mg/kg every 2-5 hours
    • Methadone 0.1mg/kg every 2-5 hours
  28. What is Kamillson
    Proposed to be an anti-inflammatory agent to help prevent mucositis
  29. Each year in the US how many new cases of oral cancer is diagnosed
    1 million
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