The Andean Countries

  1. Columbia has a coast on bothe the ___________________ and the _________________.
    Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean
  2. A mountain range called the ___________runs through the__________side of Columbia.
    Andes, western
  3. The mountains become a ________________, which is where a group of mountain ranges run side by side
  4. Columbia is the world's number one source of __________.
  5. Columbia has more_________________than any other country in South America.
  6. The major crop sold for export is called a ______________________.
    cash crop
  7. Colombia's cash crop is____________.
  8. Some of Columbia's exports are:_________________________.
    bananas, cacao, sugarcane, rice, and cotton.
  9. ______________became a major force in Columbia in the 1980s.
    drug dealers
  10. Most Colombians are__________________.
  11. A person that has a mixed European and Native American background.
  12. Colombia's government is a _____________with an elected_________________.
    republic, president
  13. Farmers in Colombia are called _______________.
  14. Where do most people live in Colombia?
    the cities
  15. Why did the farmers leave the countryside?
    to find work and avoid fighting
  16. What heritages does the Colombian culture reflect?
    Spanish, Native American, and African
  17. What are the major land areas of Peru?
    deserts, mountains and reain forests
  18. What are the major exports of Peru?
    copper and fish
  19. What are the chief crops of the subsistence farmers?
    rice, plantains and corn
  20. What Native American empire flourished in Peru in the 1400s?
    The Inca
  21. What types of people make up Peru's population?
    Native Americans, European, and Asian
  22. How did Ecuador get its name?
    from the spanish word equator which runs right through Equador
  23. What is the most important economic activity in Ecuador, and what is produced?
    Agriculture. It makes bananas, cacao, coffee, rice, and sugarcane.
  24. Where do most of the people of Ecuador live?
    Along the coast or in the velleys and plateaus of the Andes
  25. What is the cultural background of most the people of Ecuador?
    Mestizos and Native Americans
  26. What is Ecuador's capital and what is its elevations?
    Quito, more than 9000 feet above sea level
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The Andean Countries
The Andean Countries