Vocab 10

  1. Adjunct
    • -something added that is less important or not necessary, but helpful
    • Syn: accesory, auxilary, subordinate
  2. Amalgamate
    to combine to form a whole; unite; merge;mix;blend
  3. Berserk
    of unsound mind; mad; insane
  4. Contiguous
    in actual contact;touching; neighboring
  5. Diffuse
    • -to spread out so as to cover a large space of surface; scatter widely
    • Syn: disseminate, disperse, widespread, scattered, wordy
  6. Diverge
    • to move or lie in different directions from the same point; branch off
    • to differ, vary; deviate
  7. emanate
    -to come forth; spread out, emit
  8. Inhibit
    to hold back, prevent, stop, repress, to forbid, prohibit, interdict
  9. Jubilee
    rejoicing; great joy
  10. Juggernaut
    an idol of the Hindu god Krishna: a frightening, invisible machine, force, or other agent, that destroys anything in its path
  11. Kowtow
    to kneel and touch the ground with the forehead to show deep respect, submission, or worship
  12. Maelstrom
    -a great or turbulent whirlpool
  13. Meander
    to follow a winding course
  14. Mecca
    a place that many people visit
  15. Nabob
    • a native ruler in India under the Mogul empire; nawab
    • a very rich man; tycoon, mogul
  16. Parity
    -similarity or close correspodence; equality
  17. Periphery
    -an outside boundary
  18. Retrogress
    • -to move backward; go back, especially to an earlier or less advanced condition.
    • Syn: decline, deterioate, retrograde
  19. Saga
    any story of heroic deeds
  20. Serpentine
    • of or like a serpent, twisting; winding
    • cunning; sly; treacherous, diabolical, Satanic
  21. Shibboleth
    any test word, watchword, or pet phrase of a political party, a class, a sect, or other group. any use of language, habit, or custom, considered distinctive of a particular group or class.
  22. Supersede
    to take the place of; cause to be set aside; displace; succeed and supplant; replace
  23. Synergy
    the action or correlated action of a group of organs of the body, such as nerve centers or muscles, or of two or more drugs or remedies.
  24. Torpid
    dull, inactive, or sluggish, lethargic, apathetic; dormant
  25. Transcend
    to go beyond the limits or powers of; exceed; be above
  26. transitory
    passing soon or quickly; momentary; transient; brief; fleeting
  27. trek
    to travel slowly; travel; migrate; to go, proceed, journey
  28. undulate
    to move in or in the manner of waves
  29. unison
    harmonious combination or union; concord; agreement, unisonous
  30. unremitting
    never stopping; not slackening or relaxing; maintained steadily, attention, unceasing, incessant, constant
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